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"Overall probably the best awards event I have ever attended!"

"The evening and format were a great success and it was a delightful evening. It stands out from other award ceremonies as being for the winners rather than the hosts."

"I had a lovely time in a truly relaxed environment with an impressive group of leaders in their fields of law. It was both a worthwhile and enjoyable business development opportunity and a really thoughtful gesture by The Legal 500. What worked well was the size of the event and the collegiate effect of a room full of ‘singletons’. We were all forced to mingle and introduce ourselves to one another and extend our contacts, and the room was packed with valuable networking opportunities."

"I normally do not enjoy these events and, frankly, was rather dreading the evening. However, it turned out to be nothing short of fabulous. The venue was enchanting, the food and wine really good and the whole atmosphere incredibly relaxed. I made some very interesting new contacts all of whom are clearly at the very top of their game. As a result, the evening was both enjoyable and energising."

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed the dinner on Thursday night and to thank you for your superb hospitality. The format was excellent. It was a terrific networking event. I caught up with many old friends and made some new ones."

"I thought the venue and format were excellent and a refreshing approach to awards ceremonies! From my perspective the stand out feature of the format was the ability to meet lots of other award winners in a relatively contained environment - and the way in which you moved people around made sure that that happened! You had quite a number of in-house corporate counsel around the room and it was interesting to get in touch with a few of those guys - in that sense, the networking opportunity was quite exceptional."

"My initial thought of attending such an awards dinner was with some trepidation, knowing that there were a number of awards to be presented. However, your revised format allowed winners to informally network which I believe added to the success of the evening."

"Thank you so much for a splendid evening and the nicest awards dinner I have been to so far and I've been to a few in my time. The whole format was spot on from the venue to the food and wine and most of all the relaxed friendly hosting done by you all. I can tell how much effort and hard work went into the evening to make it look so relaxed. I hope we win it again next year just so I can attend the event."

"We thought it was a great idea and a terrific event, very well done! It was a genuine thrill to receive an award for which we were not required to make a submission, book a table or sponsor an event! As for the evening itself, there was a lovely atmosphere and it was a great opportunity to socialise and share experiences with some very interesting lawyers from diverse legal backgrounds."

"I enjoyed the whole evening and I thought it all worked well. It was good to know that I was an award winner before the dinner. The seating plan for the dinner was good, and it was also a great idea to change seats after the main course. There was also just enough time for all those interesting marginal chats which make an evening of this nature successful."

"Thank you again for the invitation (and indeed for the award!).  The fact that everybody was an award winner made an easy introduction to conversation with people you didn't know, and it was a small enough gathering that you could make contact with those you did.  I thought the idea of moving around after the main course also worked in terms of broadening the contacts. Certainly the decision not to go with lengthy presentations and speeches made for a more relaxed and enjoyable evening as well as optimising the time available for networking."

"Many thanks for organising last Thursday's awards dinner  which I believe was a huge success. I thought the evening was relaxed and the lack of formality and speeches I think was a positive. I particularly thought it was a good idea for guests to move around at the end of the first course and gave everyone the opportunity of meeting and speaking to rather more people than would otherwise have been the case. All in all, a most enjoyable night in agreeable company with the opportunity to meet fellow professionals and esteemed colleagues."

"The venue worked very well, it created a more 'intimate' informal atmosphere which encouraged participants to relax and enjoy the evening. It felt more like an enjoyable dinner party than a stuffy awards ceremony. The layout of the room also assisted in providing easy access to network and speak to old faces as well as being introduced to new faces. I also thought that the change over after main course was a good idea and provided the opportunity to meet others."

"There was a welcome opportunity to have real conversations with colleagues, without the turf-war mentality  that can afflict conventional awards dinners."

"I really enjoyed the evening. The format was fresh and a definite break from previous convention. The winners only guest list (split nicely between firms, Bar and in-house) made for a good mixture of interesting people, and ensured that we all spoke to each other, breaking out of the normal circles / areas in which we all operate. I hope for an opportunity to go to the next one!"