Environment in Costa Rica


The powerhouse environment law team at BLP remains a market leader, taking a multidisciplinary approach to advising major multinationals like Uber, Kraft Heinz and Medtronic, across a diverse spectrum of industries. The group’s comprehensive service ranges from compliance auditing and environmental dispute resolution to the proposing and drafting of new legislation and green finance initiatives. Led by Mauricio Salas, who is experienced in representing clients before regulatory bodies, and corporate structure expert Alexandra Aguilar, the team’s client base spans the food and beverages, healthcare, tech, life sciences, banking and tobacco sectors. Associate Luis Palacios assists companies with obtaining applications to access mining extraction and water concessions.

Responsables de la pratique:

Mauricio Salas; Andrea González

Les références

‘It is a truly multidisciplinary team. In environmental litigation, which is quite technical in Costa Rica, we rely on the excellent services of Mauricio Salas. They are the best option in the market. There are few firms that have specialised environmental lawyers who also offer technical support with biologists, foresters, etc., in support of the case.’

‘We have worked with Mauricio Salas and Luis Palacios, who are both excellent.’

Principaux clients

Kraft Heinz

Cardinal Health


World Fuel Services



Edwards Lifesciences


Heredia Public Utilities Company (ESPH)


Principaux dossiers

  • Overseeing the environmental compliance of all of Kraft Heinz’s operations in the country.
  • Assisting Cardinal with regulatory compliance, having led several processes for the renewal of the company’s operating permits.
  • Advising World Fuel Services (WFS) on verifying the legal possibility of certain contractual operations that would enable the sale of energy with carbon offset certificates issued from the widely known Costa Rican forest conservation projects.

Tactic Estudio Legal

Formed by former COLBS Estudio Legal partner Javier Escalante after he and Sebastián Jiménez split their practices in September 2021, Tactic Estudio Legal advises government agencies, including the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, as part of a United Nations initiative, corporates in the manufacturing, construction and agriculture sectors, real estate developers and NGOs on a comprehensive range of issues across the practice area. Led by Javier Escalante, a former trade negotiator and chief of staff in the Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Trade, and associate Fernanda Jimenez, an environmental regulatory specialist who joined the firm with Escalante, the team assists clients with biodiversity law, water allocation, forest management, land use restrictions and tourism infrastructure development.

Responsables de la pratique:

Javier Escalante; Fernanda Jimenez

Les références

‘A solid team in formulating solutions for its clients, always managing expectations very well, giving all their effort and promoting rigorous analysis.’

‘Fernanda Jiménez Sauter is particularly outstanding: she has a very cordial relationship with her clients and team.’

Principaux clients

BioFin Project

Hermosa Oceanfront Development

Finca Río Itiquís

Alchemical Courtyard

Principaux dossiers

  • Advised on a project for the implementation of the BIOFIN (Biodiversity Finance) Initiative of the United Nations Development Programme in Costa Rica, a worldwide initiative to promote the diversion of finance towards global and national biodiversity goals.
  • Advised Hermosa Oceanfront Development in developing several beachfront real estate projects.
  • Advised Finca Río Itiquís on the process to develop a major housing project in Alajuela, comprised of at least 400 individual properties, with potential plans to expand the project to 1,000 properties.


The environmental law practice at Arias coordinates with offices throughout the region to advise national and multinational corporates and developers across such sectors as events, food, chemicals, agriculture, energy and tech. The team is led by project finance and administrative procedures expert Carlos Ubico, energy and infrastructure specialist Vicente Lines, foreign investment adviser Carlos Camacho and Roberto Cordero, who joined in February 2022 from EY Law Central America (where he headed the environmental law group) and brings over 20 years of experience to the practice. Supported by senior counsel Luis Diego Obando and associates Mónica Espinoza and Gabriela Delgado , the group’s full service extends to environmental litigation, due diligence, regulatory compliance, public relations strategy, and urban zoning and planning.

Responsables de la pratique:

Carlos Ubico; Vicente Lines; Carlos Camacho

Principaux clients

Productos Alimenticios Bocadeli

Amanda Tierra


Grupo Orbis

IMCD Holdings

Principaux dossiers

  • Conducted a thorough analysis for Productos Alimenticios Bocadeli, which included a discovery phase to understand the client’s specific inquiries and needs with regards to Costa Rican legislation regarding water use and management.
  • Representing Amanda Tierra, a development project owned by a well-known English businessman, in litigation with MINAE, the Costa Rican Ministry of the Environment and Energy.
  • Advising Grupo Orbis, an importer and distributor of paint, solvents and other chemical products, on environmental legislation relevant to its operations in Costa Rica.

EY Law Central America

Combining regional strength with the expertise of its members (all certified quality, environmental, and health and food safety auditors), the team at EY Law Central America assists industrial plants, construction and land planning developments, and fruit plantations with navigating complex environmental litigation and procedural matters. In additional, the practice develops risk assessment strategies and provides support on the environmental health and safety aspects of M&A transactions across sectors ranging from energy, food and beverages, and agribusiness to government, medical devices and electronics. The team is led by manager Marco Quesada, who has experience of representing clients before the courts and the Environmental Administrative Tribunal, with support from senior associate Jessica Castro, an environmental compliance specialist. Previous department head Roberto Cordero departed in February 2022.

Responsables de la pratique:

Marco Quesada

Principaux clients

Ministerio de Ambiente de República Dominicana

Industrias Martec

Cámara Nacional de Productores de Piña

Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad

Baxter Productos Médicos

Florida Ice and Farm

Cemex Costa Rica

Zollner Electronics Refinadora

Costarricense de Petróleo

Abbott Medical Costa Rica

Principaux dossiers

  • Assisted with the work papers to produce the new waste management decree for the Dominican Ministry of the Environment and Energy, in accordance with the waste management law of the Dominican Republic.
  • Advised Industrias Martec on compliance with environmental health and safety regulations and conducting site inspections to its facilities.
  • Advised Cooperativa de Caficultores de Dota on compliance with environmental health and safety regulations and conducting site inspections to its facilities.