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International arbitration boutique Gaillard Banifatemi Shelbaya Disputes launched in February 2021. Yas Banifatemi and Mohamed Shelbaya enjoy an excellent reputation in the market.

Dispute resolution: International arbitration in France

White & Case LLP

White & Case LLP‘s powerhouse practice is one of the largest in the country and handles a substantial and varied caseload. The team is an established reference for arbitration concerning the world’s largest construction projects, assisting private constructors and state entities with landmark dam, port and hydropower construction projects in many parts of the world, including Panama, Chile and Georgia. Additionally, the practice is involved in several road and plant infrastructure projects, notably in Africa and the Middle East, and acts in a number of high-stakes LNG disputes concerning price adjustment issues. The high-profile team also manages commercial arbitration proceedings across a wide range of industries and issues, including disputes arisen from joint venture agreements and, in recent work, several billion-dollar disputes in the telecoms sector. The practice is co-headed by  Michael Polkinghorne and Christophe von Krause and includes the excellent Charles Nairac, Andrew de Lotbinière McDougall QCJohn WillemsNicolas BouchardieKirsten OdynskiElizabeth Oger-GrossNoor DaviesLucas De Ferrari and Rebecca Shorter. Samy Markbaoui made partner in January 2022.

Responsables de la pratique:

Michael Polkinghorne; Christophe von Krause

Autres avocats clés:

Charles Nairac; Andrew de Lotbinière McDougall QC; John Willems; Nicolas Bouchardie; Kirsten Odynski; Elizabeth Oger-Gross; Noor Davies; Lucas De Ferrari; Rebecca Shorter

Les références

‘One of the stand-out features of their work is the teamwork and knowledge within the teams. Whatever system it is they have, it just works, whoever is on the team and whatever the subject, you simply get first rate output every time. I have not experienced such cohesive teamwork with any other attorneys to date.’

‘Charles Nairac has the ability to retain information and recall it at exactly the right moment, a joy to watch when cross-examining witnesses. Elizabeth Oger-Gross’ New York law knowledge is exceptional, and her ability to address the audience in different ways to suit their legal knowledge is very persuasive.’

‘Very assuring and guiding. It has been our first arbitration experience and the team has been always very spot on.’

‘In-depth expertise. I was also impressed with their ability to understand technical issues, and their deep knowledge of FIDIC issues and of witness preparation.’

‘During the cooperation with the team, we received maximum service despite the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented us from direct physical communication. From my personal experience by working together on the case, I am grateful for the dedication of the whole team. I would highlight the impressive presentation and examination of witnesses and experts and the coordination of the case investigation and the selection of associates.’

‘Simply put; this is the best arbitration team I have ever worked with.’

‘Nicolas Bouchardie is a great construction specialist. He knows the industry extremely well, he is always up to date on any news in the construction field. He is creative in his way of providing alternative solutions and case management. Elizabeth Oger-Gross is the most efficient and effective partner I work with. She keeps billing under control, provides drafts in advance, and is always on top of everything.’

Principaux clients

PT Ventures

Lightbridge Corporation

The Republic of Georgia

Grupo Unidos por el Canal, S.A.

Inpex Operations Australia Pty Ltd

Government of Nigeria

Allen & Overy LLP

Allen & Overy LLP has a particularly strong investment arbitration practice, acting for both investors and state entities, but also handles commercial disputes. The Paris practice, which frequently works in close collaboration with the London team, is particularly active in the energy sector, notably managing strategic work in relation to renewable energy prices in Spain and acting in new gas price disputes. The group is also well versed in intra-European disputes. Large cases in the telecoms sector, notably in Morocco and Cambodia, and arbitration involving space law issues are other areas of strength. The practice is highly active in proceedings involving African and Middle Eastern jurisdictions, notably in the United Arab Emirates. Practice head Marie Stoyanov is highly recommended. Christopher Mainwaring-Taylor moved to the Singapore office at the end of 2021.

Responsables de la pratique:

Marie Stoyanov

Les références

Marie Stoyanov combines an open, friendly approach with the highest level of professionalism. The associates have been unfailingly helpful and efficient.’

‘Great experience in international arbitration.’

‘Marie Stoyanov is excellent in cross-examination.’

Principaux clients




The Kingdom of Morocco

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



United Arab Emirates


Principaux dossiers

  • Acting for over 30 international investors in twelve different claims under the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) launched against the Kingdom of Spain, relating to investments made in Spanish renewable energy plants.
  • Advising major European bank UniCredit on its investment treaty claim with Croatia, relating to Croatian legislation allowing borrowers unilaterally to convert Swiss Franc-denominated or -indexed loans into Euro loans at historic exchange rates.
  • Representing the Kingdom of Morocco in its defence against investment treaty claims brought by Corral Morocco Holdings AB.

Asafo & Co.

Asafo & Co. has a strong focus disputes involving African jurisdictions, but also handles cases relating to other parts of the world. The firm acts for private companies from a wide sector range, with the energy, oil and gas industries as core sectors. In addition to its busy ICC caseload, the practice also handles LCIA disputes and bolstered its investment arbitration capabilities in October 2020 with the arrival of Isabelle Rouche who was trained at Gide Loyrette Nouel A.A.R.P.I. as an expert in public international law and sovereign issues. Rouche’s extensive experience in Africa-related matters, acting on behalf of states and public entities, for example representing several African states in maritime and terrestrial boundaries disputes, fits in well with the firm’s positioning. Recent work involved a successfully fought arbitration involving sensitive corruption issues. The practice is headed by Jacob Grierson and also includes counsel Thomas Granier. Both also act as arbitrators. Emmanuel Avramesco primarily acts in litigation, but also has experience in exequatur matters.

Responsables de la pratique:

Jacob Grierson

Autres avocats clés:

Isabelle Rouche; Thomas Granier; Emmanuel Avramesco

Les références

‘Great complementarity of skills between the partner (English law) and the senior associate (French law, German law, OHADA law).’

‘Jacob Grierson has previous experience as a barrister and demonstrates good interpersonal skills.’

‘A really effective team: each member has their strength and contributes to produce a stronger and more balanced approach. The ability to keep abreast of technology has also been noted.’

‘Jacob Grieson is a true professional. He has approached our case with measured and articulated responses. His advice has been delivered in a calm, methodical manner and time and again proven to be the best stance to take. Thomas Granier constantly demonstrates a clear grasp of issues and contents of the many files and folders. They work as a tight team readily producing documents to support a point or to offer as evidence. It is a great comfort to have that confidence in a team.’

‘Faboulous team led by Jacob Grierson. Highly relevant on the African market.’

‘I have worked with Jacob Grierson. Apart from being a very sharp lawyer, he is also a very good team player.’

Principaux clients

Republic of Gabon

Republic of Congo

Republic of Côte D’Ivoire

Poxel S.A.

Republic of Madagascar

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing the Republic of Madagascar in ICSID proceedings against two Mauritian companies regarding a telecommunications licence.
  • Representing the Republic of Gabon in a dispute with the Republic of Equatorial Guinea relating to sovereignty over the M’Banié Islands and the delimitation of the maritime boundary between the two states.

Ashurst LLP

Ashurst LLP 's practice punches well above its weight under the lead of the excellent Emmanuelle Cabrol. Of particular note are the team’s recently won landmark victories in two highly strategic disputes in the nuclear sector and a the acquisition of a new high-stakes case concerning a large gas project field in North Africa. The Paris team, which regularly draws on resources from the firm’s international offices, especially London and Dubai, handles both commercial and investment disputes. Proceedings involving African jurisdictions are a mainstay of the practice. The team's stellar client list includes a high percentage of energy infrastructure specialists. Practice head Emmanuelle Cabrol also takes on cases as an arbitrator.

Responsables de la pratique:

Emmanuelle Cabrol

Les références

‘Emmanuelle Cabrol is extremely competent on defence strategy, briefs, and pleadings, and also exceptionally competent in industrial and scientific subjects, very technical and very difficult matters. She is very hardworking, precise and rigorous: her work is of very high quality and done within very tight deadlines. Result: the arbitrations were won: BRAVO!’

‘Very experienced team, responsive, adapting to the specifics of files, client needs, procedures, especially in times of Covid.’

Principaux clients

Republic of Benin


Sunny Hill

Principaux dossiers

  • Represented Areva NP in two major ICC arbitration proceedings with EDF in the nuclear sector.
  • Representing a foreign investor in a large dispute with a North African state-owned company  arising from the termination of its interest in a world-class gas project.
  • Represented the State of Benin before French Courts to obtain the annulment of a €90m ICC award rendered in favour of the adverse party, an American company operating a concession at two international airports in Benin.

Audit Duprey Fekl

Audit Duprey Fekl was launched in January 2021 by a trio of renowned partners: Pierre Duprey (ex Linklaters), Mathias Audit  (ex Steering Legal) and Matthias Fekl (ex Klein Wenner). They intervene in cases as counsel or as arbitrator, in particular Duprey and Audit, who are regularly appointed to seat as arbitrator in major ICC arbitration proceedings. Fekl is noted for his growing mediation practice. The team deals with various commercial and investment disputes, with clients including several large companies, especially from the defence and energy sectors, as well as an African state. The caseload varied caseload includes matters relating to the construction, infrastructure, energy and natural resources sectors. Additionally, the boutique manages several exequatur files.

Responsables de la pratique:

Pierre Duprey; Mathias Audit; Matthias Fekl

Les références

Pierre Duprey is a fine lawyer, precise and a great specialist in arbitration. He knows his files perfectly and reasons rightly.

This new firm is very promising because it brings together complementary talents. Mathias Audit is a renowned professor, specialising in particular in investment arbitration and in matters dealing with private and public international law issues, which is rare. As for Matthias Fekl, he brings mediation expertise and more broadly expertise in alternative dispute resolution methods.’

We called on this firm for its expertise and excellence in resolving sensitive and complex international disputes. The team showed real creativity in defining the strategy to be implemented and was very available in resolving this dispute. Mathias Audit is a lawyer of excellence, very creative, responsive, and close to his clients. His double hat as a professor at the university and a practitioner is a real asset for conflict resolution because he combines expertise and pragmatism. The strong political dimension of the dossier was also well mastered.

A combination of a very high level of knowledge with experience and professionalism.

Mathias Audit is a great expert in arbitration and Pierre Duprey an excellent, astute and experienced practitioner.’

Mathias Audit is impressive. He manages to quickly master the most complex cases. His qualities as an arbitrator makes him one of the greats among his generation.

August Debouzy

Responsables de la pratique:

Marie Danis; Valéry Denoix de Saint Marc

Autres avocats clés:

Marie Valentini; Karol Bucki

Les références

‘Highly experienced and reliable in arbitration – they understand the commercial factors and the challenges companies have to face. The team promotes diversity which from our point of view, is better for decision making as more diverse views lead to better decisions. Billing is transparent and there is flexibility to negotiate fees outside of the usual hourly rate model. Highly collaborative attitude.’

‘Marie Danis is highly experienced, she gets the strategic considerations in arbitration. Her impressive network allows her to effectively advise you when selecting arbitrators and experts – you feel in safe hands.’

‘Marie Valentini is very reactive and personable. Her exceptional level of English (native level) is a considerable strength in the international arbitration landscape.’

‘Marie Danis is an excellent professional, very involved, very reactive, with solid knowledge in arbitration law and international commercial litigation. I was also able to appreciate the excellent work of other members of the international arbitration team, in particular Marie Valentini and Karol Bucki.’

‘I have worked with Marie Valentini, Marie Danis and Karol Bucki. They provided very good analysis of a complicated issue in international arbitration. They were very responsive, engaged and good to work with.’

‘Marie Danis is an excellent arbitrator; she is extremely responsive, efficient and pragmatic. She is a sharp lawyer and very conscientious in her work. In the context of an arbitral tribunal, she firmly expresses her point of view while listening to others.’

Principaux clients

Tetronics International Limited

Albanian Road Authority

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing entities of a global group in ICC post-acquisition arbitration proceedings with a major stakeholder following divestment of part of its business.
  • Representing several entities of a global group in several ICC arbitration proceedings initiated by commercial agents.
  • Representing an authority of a European State in proceedings before the international chamber of the Paris court to set aside an international ICC award addressing a request for additional remuneration for the construction of a motorway.

Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie

Responsables de la pratique:

Katia Boneva-Desmicht

Autres avocats clés:

Karim Boulmelh; Eric Borysewicz

Les références

‘The team is very efficient. Strong an international notoriety which has a real base on the market.’

‘Karim Boulmelh is an excellent lawyer, humble and committed, he knows how to find the loopholes and legal reasoning allowing his clients to win.’

‘This firm has diversified and solid skills. We tested it on a complex file from which it emerged successfully and to our complete satisfaction. The specialists with whom we had dealt were people who knew perfectly well how to listen and use documents at best and seemed to master the legal texts as well as the relevant procedures to be taken into consideration. They also had a pleasant interpersonal skills and easily knew how to work in a context of cultural diversity.’

Principaux clients



Principaux dossiers

  • Representing two individuals in an action against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to set aside an investment arbitral award rendered on 29 October 2019 by an arbitral tribunal.

Betto Perben Pradel Filhol

Boutique firm Betto Perben Pradel Filhol acts for a number of prominent companies from the defence, aerospace and hospitality industries in addition to acting for state-owned entities. The large and experienced team mostly handles commercial disputes, including ICC and LCIA types. It also appears before the CMPA court, has proven expertise in proceedings involving African jurisdictions, and frequently acts in exequatur cases before French courts. The team is currently managing several major cases in the defence, aeronautics, energy and hospitality sectors. Other recent work includes several arbitration proceedings concerning the French real estate sector. Jean-Georges Betto and Gaëlle Filhol head the practice. All three also take on cases as arbitrators. Dominique Perben is the key contact for mediation proceedings. Alexandre Reynaud left the firm in May 2022.

Responsables de la pratique:

Jean-Georges Betto; Gaëlle Filhol; Dominique Perben

Les références

‘The team spirit and sensitivity to client expectations have led to a strong notoriety of the team in the practice of international arbitration. The team has excellent expertise and works with perfection and creativity.’

‘Jean-Georges Betto is a remarkable specialist in the field of international arbitration. He distinguishes himself by his personal involvement, thoroughness and responsiveness.’

‘Excellent dynamic and committed team.’

‘Very mobilised and professional team; seeks to understand the techniques and issues of financial expertise; integrates technical subjects in its approach in a very relevant way; solution finders.’

‘Each member of the team has a precise role and technicality and works in project mode. Extensive preparation of the sessions.’

‘Jean-Georges Betto is a real technician, even an engineer in international litigation. He is a lawyer who has a perfect knowledge of the procedures, but who also masters the disputes in their factual legal elements.’

‘My experience was very good; all through the time I have been working on this matter, I had the impression that the firm is well-rounded and well-organised, and is able to assist with very diverse matters.’

‘Lean structure, high involvement of partners and counsel, great teamwork.’

‘Arbitration boutique dealing with the finest cases with efficiency and pragmatism. Impressive editorial quality.’

‘Jean-Georges Betto by his presence and his charisma radiates to the audience and knows how to get to the point. Gaëlle Filhol impresses with her fine knowledge of cases.’

Principaux clients

Gabon Oil Company



Frank Timis (Pan-African Minerals)

Sergei Pugachev

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing Sergei Pugachev in a multibillion arbitration case with the Russian federation.
  • Representing the State-owned Gabon Oil Company in an ICC arbitration regarding cost oil recovery.
  • Representing  Pan African Minerals against Burkina Faso in a multibillion ICC arbitration dispute in the mining sector.

Bredin Prat

Bredin Prat has a very strong team led by the highly qualified Louis-Christophe DelanoyRaëd FathallahJosé María Pérez and Tim Portwood, who are ably supported by counsels Giulia Carbone and Marina Weiss. The firm manages both commercial and investment arbitration disputes, acting for private companies and state entities. Lebanon and Egypt are key clients on and recently secured favourable decisions with the practice at their side. The caseload frequently features construction, post-M&A, and energy and technology infrastructure disputes, especially matters involving Africa, the Middle East and Europe. In January 2022, Laura Fadlallah and Marina Weiss made partner and Shane Daly made counsel.

Responsables de la pratique:

Louis Christophe Delanoy; Raëd Fathallah; José María Pérez; Tim Portwood

Les références

‘All very thorough and competent. Excellent cultural diversity.’

‘Huge international diplomacy skills which are so important for international arbitration. Patience, acceptance of differing views and an ability to distill what is said in a clear and understandable way.’

Principaux clients

BRIF TRES D.O.O Beograd and BRIF-TC D.O.O Beograd

UC Rusal

The Republic of Croatia

The Arab Republic of Egypt

The Lebanese Republic

Principaux dossiers

  • Successfully advised the Lebanese Republic in an ICSID arbitration brought by Mr. Abed El Jaouni, a German investor, and a Lebanese company, Imperial Holding SAL, under the Germany-Lebanon BIT in a dispute arising out of the revocation of air operator certificates held by a Lebanese subsidiary of Imperial Holding SAL.
  • Successfully advised the Arab Republic of Egypt in an ICSID arbitration brought by Cementos La Union S.A., a Spain-based investor, under the Spain-Egypt BIT in relation to a dispute concerning a cement business.
  • Advising real estate investors in an ICSID arbitration against Serbia in a dispute related to the stalled construction of a shopping centre in Belgrade.

Brown Rudnick LLP

Brown Rudnick LLP

Responsables de la pratique:

Sébastien Bonnard

Les références

‘A firm with very strong expertise.’

‘Extremely efficient in international arbitration.’

‘Sébastien Bonnard is simply exceptional.’

‘Sébastien Bonnard is a remarkable advocate in arbitral hearings. He has the rare talent of captivating his audience, even when addressing complex technical questions.’

‘Hervé Le Lay is very stress resistant and composed when coming up against though opponents. He never loses his temper, always acts professionally, which leaves a good mark in the eyes of the arbitrators. He is very responsive and available. He is willing to discuss alternative fee structures for the benefit of the client, which makes him our number one go to contact in international cases.’



Responsables de la pratique:

Marina Matousekova

Les références

‘True experts in international arbitration with excellent experience, expertise and language skills at every level of the firm.’

‘Marina Matousekova is very bright and very calm under pressure.’

‘The team is very good at dealing with complexity in terms of different jurisdiction, procedural matters and facts. The communication with clients is the best possible in terms of sharing strategies and tactics and assessing on pros and cons of any decision to be taken by the clients. The lawyers are experienced, competent and fully committed.’

‘The team is extremely competent and always available for any question a client might have.’

Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton

Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton

Responsables de la pratique:

Jean-Yves Garaud; Laurie Achtouk-Spivak

Les références

‘Jean-Yves Garaud is a particularly agile mind, very fast and intelligent, with an astonishing ‘vista’ over the files. He is well surrounded by young competent associates and it is a pleasure to work with him. He is very inventive.’

‘Very experienced team in investment treaty arbitration with a strategic view of the matters. High-quality advice, including when deadlines are tight. A team that is nice to work with.’

Multilingual team demonstrating smooth communication with the client.

‘Laurie Achtouk-Spivak has a great view on strategic, procedural and legal matters, and a creative approach. We appreciate the conciseness and clearness of the team’s drafts.’

Severin Klinkmüller is a hard worker, very diligent and rigorous in his work.’

‘The team lead by Jean-Yves Garaud stands out for its deep knowledge of the field, impressive ability to exactly understand needs of its clients and represents them in the best way possible. Being an extremely proactive team, they always act with great speed in response time, sometimes anticipating new issues.’

‘Jean-Yves Garaud is an excellent practitioner and a charismatic personality, who convinces you with his very first words. He is perfect in dealing efficiently with complex arbitrations.’

‘Friendly, available and knowledgeable.’

Principaux clients

The Hellenic Republic

The Federal Republic of Nigeria

BNP Paribas Personal Finance

The Republic of Iraq

The Ministry of Land and Property Relations of the Republic of Tatarstan

The Arab Republic of Egypt

The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire

Vale S.A.

OJSC Tatneft

Telecom Italia International N.V and Telecom Italia S.p.A

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing the Hellenic Republic in two ICSID arbitrations brought by Cyprus Popular Bank Public and Bank of Cyprus Public Company  under the Cyprus-Hellenic Republic bilateral investment treaty arising out of measures taken to address the Hellenic Republic’s financial and sovereign debt crisis.
  • Representing BNP Paribas and BNP Paribas Personal Finance in their successful defence against proceedings launched by Galéries Lafayette to challenge an ICC arbitral award rendered on October 30, 2017.
  • Representing OJSC Tatneft in an UNCITRAL arbitration under the Russia-Ukraine bilateral investment treaty arising out of a forcible raider takeover of the Kremenchug refinery in Ukraine.

Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Clyde & Co LLP

Clyde & Co LLP

Responsables de la pratique:

Nadia Darwazeh

Autres avocats clés:

David Brown; David Meheut; Ivan Urzhumov; Hery Ranjeva

Les références

‘The firm has deep expertise in ICC arbitration and in handling disputes related to Africa. I have also seen their arbitration-related work before the French courts, which was very effective.’

‘I have had the opportunity to work with Nadia Darwazeh and David Méheut so far. Nadia’s outstanding legal analysis, ICC expertise and pragmatic approach to cases is impressive as both counsel and arbitrator. David is a very effective advocate before the French courts and he is very creative in his thinking.’

‘We are exceptionally satisfied with the outstanding performance and detailed knowledge of David Brown. His support and contribution was a key success factor for our successful claim strategy.’

‘They are well connected worldwide for international cases. The diversity of expertise amongst their lawyers makes them an excellent firm to resort to due to specific expertise in different areas and different cases may need. Multiple languages, availability virtually or in person, organised management, is what makes this firm unique.’

‘Nadia Darwazeh always impresses us with her ability to quickly comprehend and understand the underlying case with all related details. Her contractual legal analysis and application of law is very strong despite the application of various laws. Her knowledge of the laws, languages and institutions in many jurisdictions makes her an excellent counsel to reach out for international arbitration cases. Very organised, she has excellent communication skills and a firm, but friendly character.’

‘They have a lot of experience and act in arbitrations across different sectors, so everything is covered. As a client, it is reassuring to know that my disputes can be handled by one team as they have such broad experience. The lawyers that I have worked with have all had an excellent strategic approach. The way that the team is organised means that clients are getting value for money. They work in a way that is best suited to the case and draw on international expertise and firm resources.’

‘Nadia Darwazeh is a real strategist who is extremely on the ball. What is particularly impressive with Nadia is how she distills the cases down to the core issues. She is very business-minded, too, which is great from a client perspective.’

‘Nadia Darwazeh’s team is extremely bright and on top of their cases. They have a very client-focused approach, and their legal analysis is top notch. I am always impressed how they are able to convey the story so convincingly.’

‘Nadia Darwazeh is an exceptional strategist with a commercial approach to disputes. She excels at hearings where she is an outstanding advocate who is quick on her feet. I would like to mention Sophie Grémaud, who was promoted to counsel this year. She is technically excellent and delivers persuasive pleadings.’

‘Nadia Darwazeh is undeniably one of the leading figures of the young generation of international arbitration. She has a personality who combines authority and listening: she knows how to decide while seeking as much as possible the convergence of points of view; an exceptional multilingualism.’

Principaux clients

Republic of Cameroon

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing the Republic of Cameroon in an ICSID arbitration brought by Hope Services over the imprisonment in Cameroon of its CEO and the alleged expropriation of an online platform to help fund community projects.

Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP

Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP primarily acts for state entities in investment arbitration disputes. The firm handles a significant volume of cases involving high financial stakes, for example for Kazakhstan, Romania and Cyprus. Recently, the practice has been managing several investment disputes raising current hot topics, such as intra-EU treaty legal issues and corruption issues. The firm is particularly active in the energy sector, with oil and gas-related disputes as mainstays of the practice and solar energy regulation issues as other key strength. The firm also takes on commercial arbitration acting for companies or state entities. The efficient Paris team, led by the highly experienced Geoffroy Lyonnet and Peter Wolrich, can draw on the firm’s strong international network. Counsel Marie-Claire Argac  provides key support.

Responsables de la pratique:

Geoffroy Lyonnet; Peter Wolrich

Autres avocats clés:

Marie-Claire Argac

Les références

‘The Paris team is at the forefront of international arbitration practice, and (in particular) has unique experience and expertise in representing sovereign states.’

‘Peter Wolrich stands out as one of the leading practitioners in this field. His ability to craft and argue a case has been honed over decades of practice and makes him a most powerful advocate.’

Principaux clients

The Republic of Kazakhstan

National Oil Corporation of Libya


Republic of Cyprus

Principaux dossiers

  • Represented the National Oil Corporation (NOC) of Libya in ICC proceedings concerning a feedstock supply agreement between NOC and the Libyan Emirates Oil Refining Company (LERCO) for the supply of crude oil and gas to the Ras Lanuf Refinery, the largest refinery in Libya.
  • Represented the Republic of Cyprus in ICC proceedings relating to the Central Bank of Cyprus’ application of resolution measures to the Cyprus branch of a foreign bank in July 2014, after the decision of the US government to impose sanctions on the bank after finding that it facilitated money laundering, terrorist financing, transnational organised crime and other crimes.  
  • Represented the Republic of Kazakhstan in ICSID proceedings based on alleged investments made by claimants in a pharmaceutical company in Kazakhstan.

Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier

Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier represents many CAC 40 companies as well as smaller companies and international investors and corporations. The practice is particularly visible in the defence, aviation, energy, waste and industrial sectors, mainly acting in ICC cases. The group’s ICSID expertise was required in a significant ICSID dispute regarding a public procurement concession. The practice manages a diverse caseload, including a high number of disputes pertaining to companies’ law. Led by professor Laurent Aynès and Carine Dupeyron, the practice also acts in complex exequatur cases raising jurisdiction and enforcement issues. Lately, the firm has also been appointed to act in several cases involving new bankruptcy law topics.

Responsables de la pratique:

Laurent Aynès; Carine Dupeyron

Les références

‘Highly respected in the community.’

‘Carine Dupeyron is very knowledgeable and experienced; she finds pragmatic solutions in complex situations.’

‘Carine Dupeyron shows high availability and are working in close collaboration with other remarkable and valuable advisers in the context of international arbitration.’

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing a Kuwaiti group, a major player in the restaurant industry in Kuwait, in judicial proceedings before the French Cour de Casssation seeking to overturn a decision of the Paris Court of Appeals that rejected a request to annul an ICC arbitral award rendered in favour of a Lebanese company.
  • Represented Veolia Propreté in an ICSID investment arbitration with the Republic of Italy, based on the Energy Charter Treaty.
  • Representing Sunrise, a Nigerian consulting company, in an ICC arbitration with Nigeria and Sinohydro relating to the withdrawal by Nigeria of the award of a contract for the construction of the Mambilla Project, one of the biggest hydroelectric projects in Nigeria and Africa.

De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés

De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés

Responsables de la pratique:

Samantha Nataf; Pierrick Le Goff

Les références

Samantha Nataf and Pierrick Le Goff are both brilliant and great experts in international arbitration.’

‘Pierrick Le Goff is perfectly familiar with the corporate world in view of his past functions. He shows great rigor and availability. He is a seasoned professional and an expert in international arbitration.’

Principaux clients


Argentor Essayeurs

Frenetic Films AG

MagPower Soluçoes de Energia

Niel Natural Ressources Investments

Dechert LLP

Dechert LLP Paris is highly regarded for its Latin American arbitration practice where the firm acts for investors and state entities in high-stakes disputes. In parallel, the firm has built an impressive non-Hispanic practice, notably in relation to Eastern Europe with the hire of the high-profile Claudia Annacker and Enikő Horváth  from Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton in September 2020 which also further enhanced the group’s investment arbitration and international public law capabilities. The pair is notably handling state succession and human rights law issues. The firm is also representing a number of Eastern European states in high-stakes investment disputes, recently winning a landmark exequatur case before the Paris Court de Cassation for the state of Poland. The practice is also growing its African and Arabic caseload, notably handling a new high-profile telecoms mandate, and acts in a sensitive high-profile dispute in relation to Asia. The pharmaceutical industry, one of the firm’s core sectors, generates regular work for the arbitration team. Practice head Eduardo Silva Romero is one of the best in his field, with the excellent José Manuel García RepresaPhilip Dunham and Erica Stein other key members of the team. Associate Audrey Caminades also deserves a mention. Xavier Nyssen has retired.

Responsables de la pratique:

Eduardo Silva Romero

Autres avocats clés:

Claudia Annacker; José-Manuel García Represa; Philip Dunham; Erica Stein; Enikő Horváth

Les références

‘Technical skills and competence as well as accuracy were really good.  The firm put always great attention to find the best solution for us as clients: they always drove us to look at the different alternatives and they helped us to consider all the possible solutions with the related pros and cons.’

‘We worked in strict contact with Philip Dunham. We appreciated his dedication, the efforts to deeply understand the scenario and to find the best possible solution. We found that on top of the technical skills, Philip shown great patience and shared our same values in terms of honesty. They have also shown great empathy along the entire process.’

‘Excellent command of the issues and law. Outstanding personnel; they listen, understand and explain well. We appreciate the team for its advice and hard work and particularly like their balancing of where and when to take the initiative. They have a wealth of experience on international arbitration and investor-state arbitration.’

‘Eduardo Silva Romero is highly ethical and his teams are consummately professional. He never loses his cool and knows what matters and when to put his foot down to resolve issues.’

‘It has been our experience that the firm adopts a strong client-centered approach, where they put the clients’ needs first. The practice also has strong work ethic where the team would work tirelessly to complete the complex legal projects entrusted to them. We have found that the firm’s members have top notch legal training and acumen, and because it recruits its talents from diverse backgrounds, the combined diversified perspectives and life experiences frequently enable the team to arrive at novel and unique solutions to what may appear at first as intractable legal issues.’

‘Philip Dunham generally would go to great lengths to learn about his clients – their industries, assets and liabilities, and their concerns, so as to be sure that the solutions he provides would be the most suitable and innovative solutions to his clients. Philip also has great analytical skills, so that he can pierce through complex legal situations to reveal the critical issues at the core, and to then arrive at logical conclusions to resolve them. Philip also has excellent people skills. He is personable, persuasive and able to read others well.’

‘They are capable to provide an excellent legal representation with an experienced team of lawyers. We appreciate the partners’ involvement in the case.’

‘We work with Eduardo Silva Romero and Erica Stein. Both are excellent and smart lawyers who can effectively advise us at each stage of the case. Written pleadings were clear and read well. Oral advocacy was very good as well. Eduardo is one of the top leading arbitration practitioners of today. He has an extensive knowledge of the field and of the key players. He is a great asset for all strategic decisions. Erica is very good with the witnesses and at the cross-examination. She is also very involved in the cases. Both are pleasant to work with.’

‘Very good analyses of the situation, showing our legal position, the different options with their advantages and disadvantages for an enlightened decision-making taking into account the risk factors and their probability of occurrence. Particularly valued lawyer is José Manuel Garcia Represa.’

‘The lawyers deliver top quality work. Their practice in international arbitration is highly professional, competent, accurate, thorough. They look in depth at every detail of the case, from legal issues to written statements or cross-examinations.’

‘I have worked with Eduardo Silva Romero and Audrey Caminades. They are both very prepared and bright lawyers, with the skills necessary to manage complex and big cases. Their capacity to work under very tight calendars and engage with clients, experts, witnesses and so on is impressive.’

‘They are incredibly professional and a very cohesive team. All the members are fully committed to the best result for the client and do not hesitate to do whatever necessary for the dispute.’

‘Eduardo Silva Romero is honestly one of the best lawyers I have met in all the world.’

‘Very strong performers at all levels/grades with a broad range of experience and industry expertise. In the field of international arbitration I have the impression that the firm has ‘heft’ that many firms do not.’

‘The individuals are very clever, innovative thinkers who go the extra mile to ensure their clients are as well represented as possible. At the same time, they are also great fun to work with.’

Principaux clients


Republic of Poland

Rizzani De Eccher S.p.A. (RdE)

Arab Republic of Egypt

Republic of Colombia

Czech Republic


Autopista del Norte S.A.C.

Interconexión Eléctrica

Katoen Natie Group

Republic of Guatemala

Republic of Paraguay


Republic of Poland

Rizzani De Eccher S.p.A. (RdE)

Arab Republic of Egypt

Republic of Colombia

Czech Republic


Autopista del Norte S.A.C.

Interconexión Eléctrica

Katoen Natie Group

Republic of Guatemala

Republic of Paraguay

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing Poland in various investment cases in the mining sector and in enforcement proceedings in France.
  • Representing the European investors RdE and Trevi in the first ICSID investment arbitration brought against the State of Kuwait in a dispute over a billion-dollar construction project to build an expressway.
  • Representing two telecoms companies in proceedings against an African State in a multi-billion-dollar ICC arbitration arising from the implementation of a mobile phone network licence.


Dentons has a solid practice covering investment and commercial arbitration disputes. The firm is able to deal with a wide range of matters, including matters from the oil and gas, mining and renewable energy sectors, relating to M&A, construction and commercial matters. Proceedings frequently involve international jurisdictions, with past work including matters relating to Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Lately, the practice has obtained several favourable awards and has been appointed to act in several gas price-related disputes. Insurers entrust coverage disputes linked to the impact of Covid-19’s to the practice. Finally, the team also manages exequatur cases. Many leading French and international companies are clients. Anna Crevon-Tarassova is a key member of the team. Former co-heads Jean-Christophe Honlet and Barton Legum have now left the firm.

Autres avocats clés:

Anna Crevon-Tarassova

Les références

‘Cutting-edge expertise, advice combining strategy, legal technique and pragmatism. Very good pedagogy skills and excellent preparation for hearings.’

‘Great communication and case management skills. All the team members were very diligent, hardworking and smart. They always look for cost- and time-efficient solutions.’

Principaux clients

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Gran Colombia Gold

Kout Food Group (KFG)

Misen Enterprises AB

Niko Resources (Bangladesh) Ltd.

Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA)

Rio Tinto

Saipem SpA

Techint Compagnia Tecnica Internazionale SpA

Principaux dossiers

  • Co-counsel to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in an ICSID proceeding initiated by ConocoPhillips concerning the alleged expropriation of its assets.
  • Representing Misen in proceedings against the government of Ukraine regarding a gas royalty dispute.
  • Represented Rio Tinto Alcan and Rio Tinto France in a $150m post-M&A arbitration against the Liberty House group regarding the acquisition by Liberty from Rio Tinto of the largest aluminium smelter in Europe, located in Dunkerque, France.

Derains & Gharavi

Arbitration boutique Derains & Gharavi, which has its main office in Paris and an antenna in Beirut, handles a substantial caseload, acting for all states, private companies and high-net-worth individuals. The firm particularly excels at investment arbitration disputes as demonstrated by a recent high-profile mandate in relation to Iran in which the practice secured a landmark victory. The caseload regularly features cases involving Middle Eastern countries, notably several prominent matters concerning Libya, and matters involving Egypt, but the practice's geographical range is wide, for example also including matters relating to clients Romania and Albania. The practice also handles an extensive commercial arbitration caseload, notably on behalf of several French leading companies, as well as exequatur cases raising very high stakes, such the representation of the Republic of India in annulment proceedings regarding a $1.72bn investment treaty award. Yves Derains is one of the most sought after arbitrators on the international arbitration stage. Except for Derains, most partners at the firm are experienced in acting as counsel or arbitrator in cases, with Hamid Gharavi in charge of most cases handled by the firm as counsel. Also recommended are the seasoned Bertrand DerainsMelanie van Leeuwen, and the Beirut-based Nada Sader. Sophia von Dewall and Emmanuel Foy  made partner in 2022.

Responsables de la pratique:

Yves Derains; Hamid Gharavi; Bertrand Derains; Melanie van Leeuwen; Nada Sader

Principaux clients



Arab Republic of Egypt

Central Bank of Iran

Hellenic Republic

IMAL s.r.l.


Republic of India

Republic of the Sudan



Saad Buzwair Automotive Co


TRASTA Energy Limited

United Nations



WeBuild S.p.A.

DLA Piper

DLA Piper acts in investment and commercial arbitration disputes. The practice has a strong focus on Africa, handling large investment and commercial cases notably in the mining and telecoms sectors. In addition to acting in several key matters for the Republic of Guinea, the group is also involved in a major dispute concerning a landmark solar project in North Africa. In Europe, the practice acts in multiple matters involving Eastern European countries and acts in an exequatur case before the European Court of Justice whose decision is expected to help clarify the scope of application of the landmark Achmea decision regarding intra-European arbitration disputes. Investment disputes, such as the arbitration arisen from the expropriation of an online newspaper owner in Georgia, are also handled. The team acts both for companies and state entities. Michael Ostrove, who also co-chairs the firm’s global practice, and Alexander Brabant direct the team. Théobald Naud is also noted.

Responsables de la pratique:

Michael Ostrove; Alexander Brabant

Autres avocats clés:

Théobald Naud

Les références

‘Strong team, good coordination of resources and knowledge.’

‘Théobald Naud is impressive and excels in advocacy.’

Principaux clients

Atlantique Telecom SA (Etisalat)

Nasim Hasanov

Democratic Republic of Congo

DS2 and the De Sutter brothers


Republic of Guinea

Republic of Hungary

Republic of Moldova

Vodacom entities

Principaux dossiers

  • Successfully defended Guinea in a high-profile mining dispute.
  • Representing INTERPOL in PCA arbitration proceedings relating to public international law claims brought following the arrest of INTERPOL’s former president in China.
  • Successfully represented Telco company in a DRC law dispute before four separate jurisdictions to secure enforcement of an award in favour of our client.

Eversheds Sutherland (France) LLP

Eversheds Sutherland (France) LLP ’s highly qualified team is active in commercial and investment disputes. The practice has a strong focus on Africa and the Middle East and particularly stands out for its role in a substantial and long-running caseload on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the National Iranian Oil Company. In other Middle Eastern countries the practice is also particularly busy in the oil and gas sector. Energy and construction-related issues are other areas of expertise. Lately, the team has also been appointed by a leading energy company to assist with a French-based dispute. Other work includes disputes involving commercial agents, tax and telecoms issues. The practice acts for states and companies. David Sellers and Wesley Pydiamah are at the helm of the practice, which also includes Gaëlle Le Quillec and Julien Fouret and counsels Nanette Pilkington and Athina Fouchard. Rémi Kleiman  is also involved, notably managing exequatur cases, recently securing remarkable decisions.

Responsables de la pratique:

David Sellers; Wesley Pydiamah

Autres avocats clés:

Gaëlle Le Quillec; Julien Fouret; Nanette Pilkington; Athina Fouchard

Les références

‘A multi-disciplinary team, highly responsive, commercially oriented; transparent billing and cost-effective.’

‘I would like to commend Wesley Pydiamah for his commercial knowledge and ability to tailor his legal advise to the situation.’

‘A team of excellent professionals gathering their expertise in the benefit of the client.’

‘With no doubt, Julien Fouret is an excellent lawyer; highly competent and able to explain to his clients the various options and proceed to a joint decision.’

‘I truly enjoyed working with the team (Wesley Pydiamah, Julien Fouret and Nanette Pilkington), both under a business and personal point of view, not only thanks to its level of competence (exceptional), but also to its promptness and willingness to meet client’s demands. The attention to details is admirable as well as their flexibility and kindness. The firm is truly client-oriented and committed to provide the client with the best assistance.’

‘Wesley Pydiamah is always available and eager to help, has outstanding expertise of the energy sector which allows him to tackle every angle of the matter he has been request to assist on. For Julien Fouret, dispute resolution is his bread and butter. His extensive know-how of the subject combined with his calm but confident attitude makes you feel like you do not have to worry about anything. Nanette Pilkington is an essential member of the team with a far-reaching knowledge of the energy sector in all its facets. Extremely professional and flexible.’

‘Wesley Pydiamah  is a great professional to work with and the client is so satisfied with the works he is performing. He is always available with his unique and practical solutions for the project.’

‘They impressed me much with their diversity of experience and up-to-date knowledge of international arbitration skills, their efficient networking with practitioners worldwide, clarity and transparency, sharpness in understanding and analysing the different, and sometimes complicated, legal concepts of the legal systems not belonging to the most known ones, team arrangements with a view to task built based on the members’ capabilities, and time-respecting attitude. As a client, I admire, among other professional virtues, their flexibility in billing and payment follow-up. In sum, I consider them as a reliable support.’

‘Availability (even at weekends where urgent matters require). Good use of technology. A good knowledge of local laws and internal legal systems where needed in a case.’

‘Nanette Pilkington is a great lawyer with an outstanding attention to details. She is well organised, accessible, reliable and diligent.’

Principaux clients

Islamic Republic of Iran

National Iranian Oil Company

African Petroleum

Foley Hoag

Foley Hoag

Responsables de la pratique:

Andrea Pinna

Autres avocats clés:

Diana Paraguacuto-Mahéo; Manuel Tomas

Les références

‘The team enjoys an excellent reputation, particularly in public international law and investment arbitration. I have had the opportunity to see them plead several times and have always noted their great professionalism and the clarity of their arguments.’

‘I know in particular Andrea Pinna, with whom I have had the opportunity to work in the past, and  Diana Paraguacuto-Mahéo, both of whom are excellent arbitration practitioners in their respective fields.’

‘Andrea Pinna has an exceptional ability to think ‘outside of the box, to be imaginative and at the same time be attentive to detail. He has a quick mind. He is also very attuned to what the client really needs and focuses his services exactly on that.’

Principaux clients

Access Now




Air France


Bangladesh Power Development Board

Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration & Production Company Limited (BAPEX)

Bangladesh Oil Gas and Mineral Corporation (Petrobangla)


Crédit Agricole / CACEIS (France)

Corporación Dominicana de Empresas Eléctricas Estatales (CDEEE) (Dominican Republic)




Estate of Victor Jara

Equatorial Guinea

Gazprombank (Russia)


Greece/Hellenic Republic

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America



International Conference of Asian American Political Parties

Jalalabad Gas Transmission and Distribution System Limited

Laboratoires Pierre Fabre



Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima





Orange SA




Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique

Public Gas Corporation of Greece (DEPA)


Russian Federation








Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP is home to one of the most renowned international arbitration practices worldwide. The firm stands for its strong global capabilities, with expertise in various offices, with the Paris, London, Dubai, Frankfurt and Singapore offices as key hubs. The Paris team’s expertise spans commercial and investment arbitration. It acts for state entities, investors and private companies. The practice handles a wide range of matters, including energy and construction disputes as well as disputes arisen from commercial partnerships. The team notably acts in strategic disputes regarding Egyptian gas supply issues and acts in several European solar energy investment disputes as well as in a landmark case regarding nuclear energy. With its strong international positioning, the practice is popular for matters concerning Africa and the Arab world. Noah Rubins directs the Paris practice, which also includes Peter Turner and Christophe Seraglini. Alexandra van der Meulen rejoined the firm as counsel from Three Crowns LLP in early 2021, adding her public international law practice to associate Guy MacInnes-Manby's expertise. Ben Juratowitch left the firm in the summer of 2021.

Responsables de la pratique:

Noah Rubins

Autres avocats clés:

Peter Turner; Christophe Seraglini; Alexandra van der Meulen

Principaux clients



Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation

Sun-Flower Olmeda


Mr Ahron Frenkel

The Republic of Korea (South Korea)

East Mediterranean Gas

Bursel Tekstil Sanayi Ve Diş Ticaret; Burhan Enuştekin; Selim



Government of Belize

CTIP Oil & Gas


Fives FCB

Orano Group companies

Government of Gabon


Shikun & Binui

Amre and Houssam Ginena

Gide Loyrette Nouel A.A.R.P.I.

Gide Loyrette Nouel A.A.R.P.I. often acts for international companies facing disputes in relation to Africa, with recent work including matters in relation to Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt and Cameroon, especially ICC arbitration proceedings, but also investment arbitration disputes, notably acting for the state of Mauritania in a mining ICSID case. The scope of the practice also extends to disputes in relation to Eastern Europe. The caseload frequently features disputes arisen from infrastructure, construction, shareholders and consultancy agreement issues. Carole Malinvaud, who is increasingly sought after as an arbitrator and is the vice chair of the ICC Court and on the ICSID panel of arbitrators, Christian Camboulive, Alexandra Munoz and the London-based Rupert Reece are the heads of the practice.  Also recommended are counsels Sacha Willaume and the London-based Saadia Bhatty.

Autres avocats clés:

Sacha Willaume; Saadia Bhatty; Thomas Dauvillier

Les références

‘Excellent command of both arbitration techniques (cross-examination of witnesses and experts in particular) and pleading (quality of expression). Very effective.’

‘Excellent complementarity of the teams between French and Anglo-Saxon profiles.’

‘Carole Malinvaud is an excellent lawyer as arbitrator; she is very fair and very reasoned. She judges well.’

‘Very good knowledge of the sector (construction/infrastructure) and the dynamics of the region (North Africa). Good team diversity and very good collaboration with the experts.’

‘Alexandra Munoz is impressive: very competent and at the same time sensitive and humble, with the experts and with the client. Good dynamics and team spirit, which makes it easier for everyone.’

‘A team that adapts perfectly to our needs, who understood our activity and our company. The team members have a perfect understanding of each other.’

‘Christian Camboulive has deep knowledge, provides fine analysis and is very responsive.’

‘Carole Malinvaud is an excellent lawyer who has an astounding knowledge of her cases which she dominates down to the smallest detail. She is both one of the best counsel and one of the most sought after arbitrators. Christian Camboulive is a very precise, very fine lawyer who is a remarkable litigator. Among the talented associates of this team, I will point out Thomas Dauvillier who is very promising and has great analytical skills and a strong capacity for work.’

Principaux clients

Hope Services LLC

International Chamber of Commerce

The Islamic Republic of Mauritania

PowerChina Huadong Engineering Corporation Ltd


Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP demonstrates strength across a wide range of disputes and sectors. The firm is notably very active for mining corporations in African disputes, including in Burkina Faso and Mali. Oil- and gas-related disputes are other mainstays. The Paris team combines the ability to act in commercial and investment disputes in addition to offering  great capabilities in related exequatur and litigation matters. Recent work includes a high-stakes dispute concerning a major telecoms issue in Brazil. Thierry TomasiLaurence Franc-Menget, and Andrew Cannon (London/Paris) direct the practice. Of counsel Emily Fox is another key member.

Responsables de la pratique:

Thierry Tomasi; Laurence Franc-Menget; Andrew Cannon

Autres avocats clés:

Emily Fox

Les références

‘A responsive team, close to its clients, working on complex files. An ability to work with experts in good understanding. Extensive experience in international arbitration cases.’

‘I have had the opportunity to work on several occasions with Laurence Franc-Menget, whose accuracy of analyses and management of files and financial experts who are also involved I appreciate particularly.’

‘Very good understanding and ability to adapt to the complexity of their client’s organisation.’

‘The team has excellent expertise and experience in international arbitration, managing complex international arbitrations in different sectors.’

‘Thierry Tomasi has excellent expertise in the field of international arbitration, with remarkable experience in the aviation, transport and construction sectors. He has international expertise and is able to conduct arbitration proceedings in several languages.’

‘Excellent communication, great business- and client-oriented approach.’

‘Laurence Franc-Menget is professional with an outstanding client-oriented approach and ability to analyse and manage specific business matters.’

Principaux clients

Anglo American



JKX Oil & Gas



B2 Gold



Hogan Lovells (Paris) LLP

Hogan Lovells (Paris) LLP has a strong commercial arbitration practice. The Paris team handles a highly diverse caseload and is a popular choice for high-stakes telecoms-related disputes, notably in Africa. Additionally, the group handles a good amount of work relating to the oil and gas construction and mining industries, is experienced in handling sensitive corruption-related disputes, and demonstrates strength in exequatur cases. The practice’s ICSID expertise earned it an instruction from the state of Columbia. The practice primarily acts for private companies. Lead duo Laurent Gouiffès and Thomas Kendra have a great reputation. They are surrounded by counsels Melissa Ordonez and Gauthier Vannieuwenhuyse.

Responsables de la pratique:

Laurent Gouiffès; Thomas Kendra

Autres avocats clés:

Melissa Ordonez; Gauthier Vannieuwenhuyse

Les références

‘The dispute resolution team, headed by Thomas Kendra, is first of all particularly proactive and efficient. Thomas is also particularly nice and knows how to put himself at the level of all his interlocutors (legal professionals or not). He also knows how to make himself available and is attentive.’

‘I really enjoy working and interacting with Thomas Kendra. He is a recognised and seasoned professional, providing good advice. Gauthier Vannieuwenhuyse is very competent, outgoing, sympathetic and available. It is very pleasant to work with this kind of person, who does not hesitate to set the pace and take time to clarify certain subjects. Finally, Merlin Papadhopulli is a young associate with a very good macro and micro vision of matters, and already a lot of experience behind her. She is a significant asset for this team. This trio works very well and we are delighted with their work.’

‘I believe the strength and capabilities of this team stands out highly among its peers simply because of their attention to the matters they are dealing with. The collaboration and the care they have for the clients are unique.’

‘Laurent Gouiffes stands out amongst the arbitration partners and lawyers I have had worked over the years. His lawyer skills and management skills are the best I have seen so far.’

‘My experience was overall excellent. They have been very professional and dedicated all along and have been key to our success in resolving this dispute. I was impressed in particular by their capacity to grasp complex technical concepts quickly.’

‘The Paris arbitration team is very experienced and knowledgeable, always up to date with international arbitration trends – this offers certainty to clients that it will deliver.’

‘They are very responsive and ready to assist when urgently needed. Laurent Gouiffes is a top arbitration practitioner and arbitrator, able to identify business aspects and offer practical solutions to client’s needs, not mere legal analysis.’

‘The partners work as a most effective team in bringing a complex, international dispute to arbitration and presenting it effectively to the arbitral panel.’

‘Laurent Gouiffes’ experience of practicing in London as well as in Paris, is most helpful in international practice. His arguments to an arbitral tribunal are thoughtfully presented, and he has mastered the art of cross-examination.’

‘Thomas Kendra works as a most effective advocate on his own. An excellent grasp of details and persistent in cross-examination.’

Principaux clients



Kosovo Telecom

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing the government of Colombia in an investment arbitration initiated by Neustar relating to the commercial expansion and administration of the country’s top-level domain for Colombia.
  • Representing Edenred in ICSID annulment proceedings initiated by Hungary in the context of a global controversy concerning the new EU investment policy.
  • Representing Kosovo Telecom JSC in a high-profile ICC arbitration dispute brought by a mobile virtual network operator in Kosovo involving the non-renewal of the mobile virtual network operator agreement.



Responsables de la pratique:

Thierry Lauriol; Ioana Knoll-Tudor

Les références

‘The team deals with litigation, arbitration and mediation.’

‘Ioana Knoll-Tudor is very involved, always looking for an effective solution and has boundless energy. She knows Central and Eastern Europe very well.’

‘Friendly and very committed team, always available, providing impeccable quality.’

Principaux clients



Principaux dossiers

  • Representing Montero Mining and Exploration in an arbitration against the United Republic of Tanzania before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).
  • Representing the Republic of Congo against Congo Iron, a subsidiary of Sundance Resources, an Australian mining company regarding the withdrawal of his mining title in Congo.

Jones Day

Jones Day‘s stable team excels in investment and commercial arbitration. The firm is a popular choice for construction disputes in relation to the Middle East and frequently intervenes in large cases involving oil and gas facilities, for example acting for a leading energy company in a significant dispute concerning an oil facility construction in Europe. Renewable energy disputes are a growing line of work. The firm’s varied caseload also includes disputes concerning commercial partnerships, patent and telecoms matters. Strong in cross-border matters, the practice is in charge of a substantial investment case in the Algerian telecoms sector and often advises on matters in relation to Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Egypt. Elie Kleiman and Jean-Pierre Harb co-head the practice, ably supported by Claire Pauly who was promoted to counsel in early 2022.

Responsables de la pratique:

Elie Kleiman; Jean-Pierre Harb

Autres avocats clés:

Claire Pauly

Les références

‘Excellent team. Diverse profiles, including economists. Ability to resolve highly sophisticated and complex matters in commercial arbitrations.’

‘Strategically brilliant team. Always correctly anticipating the counterpart’s next move. Great knowledge of civil and common law. They navigated issues with great ease and skill.’

‘Elie Kleiman was exceptional with initial strategic decisions and overall handling of the case. His oral advocacy skills are exceptional and played a crucial part in securing a win.’

K&L Gates LLP

K&L Gates LLP

Responsables de la pratique:

Louis Degos; Charlotte Baillot; Barthélemy Cousin

Les références

‘The team is involved in the most important international arbitration disputes in the world and has acquired a solid reputation with an excellent commercial approach in different sectors.’

‘Louis Degos has excellent expertise in national and international commercial litigation. Having in-depth knowledge in different sectors, he stands out for his negotiation skills and good judgement.’

‘Knowledgeable and efficient.’

‘I have found Charlotte Baillot to be an excellent partner and value her legal input as well as her sophistication and experience in representing global companies.’

Principaux clients




Principaux dossiers

  • Represented LERCO, a Libyan oil refining company, in a dispute in relation to the performance of a supply agreement (gas and petroleum) in the aftermath of the Libyan civil war.
  • Representing the client in relation to the termination of a cooperation agreement.
  • Acting in post-arbitral proceedings opposing the Republic of Cyprus to the Federal Bank of the Middle East owned by the SAAB brothers on the confiscation of its assets.

KGA Avocats & Wenner

Klein Wenner

Responsables de la pratique:

Georges Arama; Martin Riedel; François Klein

Les références

‘They are one of my prime contacts in Paris, especially German-speaking partner Martin Riedel. The firm stands for top legal services, especially in the field of cross-border dispute resolution. Their European law practice is also outstanding. I was also impressed by the firm’s modern outlook on alternative disputes resolution, in particular mediation.’

‘Martin Riedel is an outstanding dual-qualified practitioner. He has a very strong dispute resolution background and I commend him for his ability to cut down to the essentials, even when the facts are highly complex. His ability to work in a multi-lingual setting make him a strong sparring partner. His outgoing personality is another strong asset!’

‘A dedicated and knowledgeable team that speaks a number of languages. Very responsive and pragmatic, truly solution-oriented, as well as flexible (incl. regarding fee arrangements). The team work is outstanding.’

‘Martin Riedel truly understands the needs of a dispute resolution client. He offers very pragmatic and effective solutions.’

Principaux clients

Gabonese Republic

Republic of Mali

King & Spalding LLP

King & Spalding LLP Paris' experienced team regularly collaborates with its London and US colleagues. The practice covers commercial and investment disputes, acting for French and international companies. The caseload features several multi-billion-dollar investment cases in relation to mining and gas issues as well as a large real estate project. The practice regularly handles cases in relation to Europe and Africa, especially Algeria, as well  matters in the Middle East and Latin America, acting notably in various construction and energy disputes. Additionally the team shoulders a large caseload of disputes arisen from renewable energy investments made in several EU countries. The excellent team includes practice head James Castello, Ken FleurietMarc-Olivier Langlois and Laurent Jaeger.

Responsables de la pratique:

James Castello

Autres avocats clés:

Ken Fleuriet; Marc-Olivier Langlois; Laurent Jaeger

Principaux clients

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Ltd.

Union Fenosa Gas

Government of Turkey

Air Canada

Trinh Vinh Binh

Minera Aratiri

Emirates International Investment Company LLC

Société des Parcs d’Alger

Cavalum SGPS, S.A.

KS Invest GmbH & TLS Invest GmbH

Cube Infrastructure Fund SICAV

Demeter Partners

ESPF Beteiligungs GmbH et al.

Tauber Solar


VC Holding II S.a.r.l. et al


Enernovum GmbH

SunReserve Luxco Holdings S.a.r.l. et al.

CEF Energia B.V.

Foresight Luxembourg

FREIF Eurowind Holdings Ltd.

9Ren Holdings

Greentech Energy Systems

Obrascon Huarte Lain S.A.


Edisun Power

Hannover Leasing

Triodos Renewable Europe

LSG Building Solutions GmbH

Green Source Consulting GmbH


Core Value Investments GmbH

Pressburg UK GmbH

ACF Renewable Energy Ltd.

European Solar Farms A/S

Sapec S.A.

OMV Upstream International GmbH

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing numerous clients in 19 investment arbitrations brought under the Energy Charter Treaty against Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania.
  • Represented Spanish energy company Unión Fenosa Gas in three arbitrations against the Government of Egypt and its national natural gas company, EGAS, as well as in an ICSID annulment proceeding.
  • Representing Minera Aratiri, a group of UK investors, in an investment arbitration against the Republic of Uruguay relating to the expropriation of a mining project worth billions of dollars.

Latham & Watkins

Headed by the highly regarded Fernando Mantilla-Serran, Latham & Watkins’ practice handles commercial and investment arbitration. The Paris practice demonstrates great strength in disputes in connection with South America which account for the bulk of the caseload. The team acts for state entities and private companies in a wide range of disputes, including post-M&A, construction and energy matters, frequently substantial in size. The practice is a regular counsel to the Republic of Colombia for whom it acts in high-stakes matters pertaining to the mining industry and the country’s environmental policies. The work for an energy consortium in relation to issues concerning a major hydropower plant in Brazil is also noteworthy.

Responsables de la pratique:

Fernando Mantilla-Serrano

Principaux clients


Republic of Colombia

Dominican Republic

Live Nation Inc.

Novenergia II Energy & Environment, (SCA), SICAR


Linklaters regularly acts in energy, natural resources and corporate disputes, principally in relation to Africa and the Middle East, but also in a number of emerging markets in other parts of the world. The team counts companies and state entities as clients in investment and commercial disputes, frequently also managing exequatur cases. It has recently grown its portfolio by adding new major clients and was involved in a high-profile European M&A arbitration in the retail area, arisen from the impact of the Covid-19 crisis. Several Lebanese cases and a major dispute in Togo are also noteworthy. Roland Ziadé, who also acts as an arbitrator, directs the practice which includes  Arnaud de La Cotardière and counsel Andrew Plump.

Responsables de la pratique:

Roland Ziadé

Autres avocats clés:

Arnaud de La Cotardière; Andrew Plump

Les références

‘The team has the ability to optimise costs and make their interventions more efficient; a great and frank collaboration which is characterised by an absence of retention of information in the interests of clients and files.’

‘The team has a pragmatic and thoughtful approach to cases. Their method is to minimise risk for clients, and to provide ease of understanding of cases for arbitrators. Their objective consists in the result obtained for the client and they put all their resources, in particular human and professional, into achieve this.’

‘Knowledgeable of the region where the project is located. Full availability.’

‘Competence; listen to the client; responsive.’

Mayer Brown

Mayer Brown‘s practice has consistently grown since its inception almost a decade ago and now looks very strong. The continuously expanding client base includes large companies which regularly entrust the practice with their strategic disputes, with Veolia's recent instruction of the team for a new investment dispute with Italy a prime example. Another recent highlight saw the team secure a historic victory for a foreign investor in a NAFTA dispute in Mexico. The win reflects the strong presence of the Paris practice in Latin America disputes, with Mexico-related cases rapidly becoming a new trend. Africa and the Middle East also account for a high number of matters, notably for construction and engineering disputes. The Paris team also regularly works in conjunction with the firm’s international offices. While the group frequently represents companies in commercial and investment disputes, it also advises a number of states. Under the lead of Dany Khayat the excellent team, which includes Alejandro López Ortiz and José Caicedo, handles a varied caseload.

Responsables de la pratique:

Dany Khayat

Autres avocats clés:

Alejandro López Ortiz; José Caicedo

Les références

‘Dany Khayat distinguished himself by his pragmatism and the attention he pays to the interests of the client and his concern for efficiency. Working with him is particularly pleasant.’

‘A very dynamic and extremely diverse team. A team that has been able to adapt perfectly to the challenges of the pandemic and the technological evolution that has accompanied it.’

‘Dany Khayat has an unrivalled capacity to understand clients’ needs and concerns and adapt its strategy accordingly. He is sharp, responsive and extremely open-minded.’

‘A very competent team in terms of organisation, technology tools and teamwork.’

‘Alejandro Lopez Ortiz is a lawyer with a lot of experience, notable organisational and leadership skills.’

‘They are able to quickly establish a relationship of trust with the client. Communication with them is always efficient and fluid. After a detailed analysis of the main risks and the priorities of the client, they propose a legal strategy adapted and attentive to the costs.’

‘Dany Khayat is a rare combination of technical skills and human qualities. He was able to create with kindness a team of seasoned lawyers. José Caicedo impresses with the quality of his work and the ability to make very complex subjects understandable.’

‘A close-knit, responsive, friendly and very competent team.’

‘Dany Khayat is a remarkable lawyer and a very good specialist in international arbitration with whom it is very pleasant to work. He is as humble as he is competent. He has a good strategic vision of the files and shows composure.’

‘The team is collaborative and attentive with relevant skills and cutting-edge technological tools. The fee policy is based on transparency and honesty.’

‘These people master their field of activity very well. They are responsive, available and very attentive.’

‘The team works very well together, the communication is smooth and they complement each other in all aspects. They are very approachable, knowledgeable and leave no stone unturned. We are absolutely delighted with the result and we could not recommend them highly enough.’

‘The team was led by Alejandro López Ortiz. Alejandro has been key in winning this case. His professionalism, efficiency and dedication have been simply outstanding. His strategic thinking was always one step ahead of the opposing party and he knew all intricacies of the proceedings. Everything worked as he had planned.’

Principaux clients

D.S. Construction FZCO

Junefield Gold Investments Limited

Lion Mexico Consolidated

The Kingdom of Morocco

The Republic of India

The Republic of the Gambia

Société Générale

Veolia Propreté SAS

Visor Mühendislik Insaat Turizm Gida ve Mekanik Elektrik Taahhüt Ticaret Limited Sirketi and Gökhan Arasli

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing the Republic of India in an UNCITRAL/PCA international arbitration case against Kowepo under investment treaties.
  • Representing Veolia in an ICSID arbitration based on the Energy Charter concerning two concessions to treat waste and produce electricity in Tuscany and Calabria.
  • Representing D.S. Construction FZCO, a UAE company, in a major ongoing UNCITRAL/PCA Investor State arbitration brought pursuant to the Agreement for Promotion, Protection and Guarantee of Investments among Member States of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC Investment Treaty), concerning numerous large construction projects throughout Libya.



Responsables de la pratique:

Marie-Laure Bizeau; Valence Borgia; Caroline Duclercq

Les références

‘The firm brings together lawyers who have developed extensive experience in international commercial and investment arbitration.’ 

‘The partners all have expertise as counsel and as arbitrator, and also intervene in related-arbitration litigation.’

 ‘We had the opportunity to work with Caroline Duclercq who demonstrated great technical skills and an ability to deal with complex issues in the context of international arbitration proceedings. She has always been extremely responsive, creative in developing an overall procedural strategy, and able to support clients on all of their issues, however varied they may be.’

‘We are dealing with a small team, very attentive to its clients, approachable, very present, competent, available and which does not take itself too seriously.’

‘A fantastic team comprising top aerobatic specialists and very good value for money. Marie-Laure Bizeau is an extraordinary arbitration specialist. Very knowledgeable, excellent business mind.’ 

‘An innovative, mature and yet still young team, a lot of dynamism. Caroline Duclercq is very present and very professional’.

‘Marie-Laure Bizeau was always hands-on and we were impressed with her knowledge of the case and the issues at stake. She is always well prepared and quick to respond to questions and requests for assistance, she is very effective in dealing with day-to-day requests and management of the case. Her knowledge of ICC arbitration is impressive.’

Principaux clients



Principaux dossiers

  • Representing Blow Pack (Tunisian company) in a successful request for annulment of an arbitral award and in a second arbitration procedure.
  • Representing Phycomat (France) in annulment proceedings of an ICC award in a dispute regarding breaches of contracts relating to the development of rapeseed varieties.


Orrick Rambaud Martel regularly acts in disputes from the energy, natural resources and construction sector. The team is highly experienced and handles commercial and investment arbitration work. Its strong knowledge of the OHADA system frequently earn it instructions involving Africa. Recently, the practice has been mandated to act in an ICSID case involving shareholding attempt expropriation from a major Egyptian cement company in addition to representing a leading French company in a defective product ICC case. The practice’s work for a mining company in dealing with tax claims in relation to an African country fits in well with the firm’s positioning. Michael Bühler directs the Paris practice in addition to serving as global co-head of the firm’s international practice and is also regularly appointed as an arbitrator in large ICC cases. Charles Kaplan, Nicole Dolenz and of counsel Tunde Oyewole are also noted.

Responsables de la pratique:

Michael Bühler

Autres avocats clés:

Charles Kaplan; Nicole Dolenz; Tunde Oyewole

Les références

‘Quick response, deep knowledge of the market and high legal standing. Great advice and availability even at a short notice.’

‘Charles Kaplan has profound experience and skills, especially in regards to strategy and tactics. His parallel activity as an arbitrator is also of great assistance in preparing a case.  He has full comprehension of clients’ needs and great knowledge of gas market dynamics and related economics.’

‘They dive deep into the most complex technical issues and have internalised that a meticulous review and strategically thoughtful presentation of the facts is the key to winning a case.’

‘Michael Bühler: strategic thinker, who sees the big picture. Nicole Dolenz  is able to develop a a deep understanding of the most complex technical issues – our engineering colleagues would have loved to offer her a job with them.’

‘Charles Kaplan has our full confidence, after many years of collaboration. He is directly involved in all matters and we know that he will give us an objective analysis of the situation (with the pluses and minuses) and will not seek to please us or take options that are suitable for him.’

‘All members of the team have a great oversight over the legal and factual facts and details of the case off the top of their head. This allows a strong position during negotiations with the other side and/or any tribunal members. The self-organisation of the team is efficient and well ahead of approaching deadlines so that there rarely is a rush for the deadline. This good organisation also manifests in well-structured and thought-through argumentation in the written submissions. The client involvement is very good as all major documents are run by the client with enough time for consideration and commenting on them.’

‘Charles Kaplan and of counsel Tunde Oyewole are extremely smart, speak several languages well enough to know what is going on (besides English and French that is) and are just a pleasure to have lunch or dinner with.’

Principaux clients

Democratic Republic of Congo





Safran (Groupe)


Voigt & Collegen

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing a French cement company in ICSID arbitration with the Arab Republic of Egypt under the France Egypt BIT in a claim accusing the state of trying to force it to surrender its majority stake in a Cairo-listed subsidiary.
  • Successfully advising Voigt & Collegen/SolEs Badajoz, a German investor, in ICSID proceedings against Spain under the Energy Charter Treaty.
  • Representing the Democratic Republic of Congo in a $100m ICSID arbitration in relation to telecommunication license agreements between the DR Congo Government and the claimant, a Kuwaiti investor.

Proskauer Rose LLP

Proskauer Rose LLP

Responsables de la pratique:

Ana Vermal

Les références

‘I worked with Ana Vermal whose team showed impressive strength and efficiency.’

‘Ana Vermal has striking litigation ability, legal knowledge and management skills.’

‘The firm has impressed me with its dedicated and strongly committed employees. Ana Vermal’s team works well with other firms if they need to bring in outside counsel for a specific expertise.’

‘Ana Vermal is an outstanding and trusted resource. She is absolutely outstanding. There truly is not enough that can be said about her performance in the midst of demanding and complicated situations. It begins with her hard work ethic and her ability to connect with clients and understand in great detail the issues they are facing. Further, other assets of Ana include her knowledge of different cultures, languages (French, Spanish, German, English) and legal systems (she is admitted to NY and Paris bars). All of these assets combine to provide her clients with a very powerful asset all wrapped up in one person. Her capabilities enable her to provide significant insight into the other side’s perspective and strategy.’

‘Ana Vermal is a great strategic thinker. She knows how to build the case, which arguments to make, when to make them, and how to handle procedural issues. Ana is among the very best at what she does!’

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP added several new major victories to its already impressive credentials in 2021; one concerning a major port concession in Djibouti and a second dealing with oil investment in Algeria. The firm also successfully resisted two ICSID award annulment proceedings. The first-class team acts for a prominent client base, including many French and global energy and oil giants, and handles a varied caseload of commercial and investment arbitration as well as a multiple significant disputes involving Africa and the energy and infrastructure sectors. The team’s geographical reach also includes Mexico, where it acts in several NAFTA-Mexican related cases, and Europe, with a recent notable dispute in France. For its many cross-border matters, the Paris team can draw on the firm’s international teams. Isabelle MichouThomas Voisin and Michael Young co-head the practice in Paris. The Geneva-based Philippe Pinsolle is at the helm of the European practice and works closely with the Paris office.

Responsables de la pratique:

Philippe Pinsolle; Thomas Voisin; Isabelle Michou; Michael Young

Les références

‘The level of competence and involvement of the team is exceptional.’

‘Isabelle Michou is a remarkable strategist, in addition to being an exceptional lawyer. She has had our full confidence for years.’

‘Very professional team, got to the bottom of the very technical file that we entrusted it with. High technical knowledge. Team knows how to advise on strategic and offensive choices in litigation arbitration matters. Impressive efficiency.’

‘Thomas Voisin knows his cases remarkably well, he goes to the end of things and provides outstanding advice in matters of litigation strategy.’

‘The team is very strong technically, and also gives practical advice on situations that go beyond the merits of any particular litigation. They also have strong contacts and knowledge in Africa, which has been a tremendous asset for my company.’

‘Isabelle Michou is very direct, practical and solution-oriented. She is also very strong technically and has helped us achieve very strong results. She clearly carries a high level of credibility in her advocacy, as reflected by the reception she receives from judges and arbitrators.’

‘The Paris arbitration team is very client-minded, practical, proactive and solution-driven.’

‘Isabelle Michou is the best litigation lawyer I have worked with in my professional career. She is fast-thinking, strategic and pragmatic.’

Principaux clients

DP World Group

Sonatrach S.p.A.

Radisson Hotel Group

Oro Negro

Hydro S.r.l


CD Holding International and UP

Fundación Mary Street Jenkins

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing DP World, the world leader in port terminals, in its dispute with the Republic of Djibouti following Djibouti’s decision to terminate the concession contract that had been concluded with the Joint Venture created by DP World and the Port of Djibouti.
  • Representing Sonatrach against the Tunisian company Medex Petroleum in the context of UNCITRAL arbitration proceedings following the failure of an ICC conciliation.
  • Representing Radisson Hotel Group in a set of seven parallel emergency arbitrations relating to its hotel portfolio in the Russian Federation.

Reed Smith

Reed Smith ’s Paris team regularly joins forces with colleagues from the Dubai, Singapore and London offices. The practice handles commercial arbitration, with a strong focus on energy, infrastructure, shipping and commodities trading. The firm assists a number of prominent corporations, notably major energy players, both domestic and international. In recent work, the practice acted in several strategic cases concerning the nuclear industry as well as in several oil, mining and power projects disputes in relation to Africa and the Middle East. Exequatur cases are also handled. Peter Rosher and Ana Atallah co-head the practice, which includes younger partners Andrew Tetley and  Clément Fouchard.

Responsables de la pratique:

Ana Atallah; Peter Rosher

Autres avocats clés:

Andrew Tetley; Clément Fouchard

Les références

‘The team has been providing sound advise on complex and urgent matters. They have proven to be extremely reactive in times of urgency. Always available to hold a discussion and advise on complex matters within short deadlines.’

‘A team with very strong expertise, arbitration skills, flexibility, availability; Peter Rosher and Clément Fouchard.’

‘Peter Rosher is clever, quick and excellent in handling big cases; he is impressive in cross-examination and he’s assisted by a very good team.’

‘Peter Rosher and his team are among the lawyers with whom we take great pleasure in working. They have an excellent knowledge of international construction projects whether it is energy construction projects, but also infrastructure. They are also very responsive and provide very high-quality work borrowing from pragmatism that sets them apart from most other firms in the market operating in the same sector. The team adapts to our needs and imperatives and we have developed a working relationship that gives us confidence when we entrust a case to the Peter Rosher team. Their deliverables are targeted to meet our expectations and to be accessible and effectively give us the information we need for our internal reporting.’

‘Peter Rosher is an available partner who offers pragmatic and strategic solutions in a cost-effective manner. He has in-depth knowledge of international construction and arbitration and has an excellent understanding of our requirements and expectations. Peter Rosher’s team is excellent and it is a pleasure to work with them.’

Shearman & Sterling LLP

Shearman & Sterling LLP

Responsables de la pratique:

Jennifer Younan

Autres avocats clés:

Alexander Marcopoulos; Elise Edson

Les références

‘The investment arbitration team has a unique set of capabilities and market expertise in leading complex investment disputes connected with Eastern Europe and worldwide. The firm is resourceful and is capable of managing the entire process efficiently and proactively. The firm’s partners are well versed in international investment law and represent the clients throughout the entire arbitration, including pleadings at the hearings.’

‘Jennifer Younan has an exceptionally calm and professional demeanour that makes clients rest assured that they are in good hands. She is always precise and up-to-the-point with her advice, finding the best solutions for clients in the shortest terms.’

‘World-class firm in the industry.’

‘Jenifer Younan has multi-industry expertise; always available. always on top of the material, a first-class lawyer.’

‘Excellent knowledge of our files and practical approach to technical and sectoral aspects.’

‘Excellent availability, listening to the client and other service providers involved in their cases. Excellent quality of partners and associates.’

‘Jennifer Younan is one of the finest, most distinguished and refined arbitration lawyers I have met and had the pleasure of working with.’

Principaux clients


Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Human Rights at Sea (HRAS)


Principaux dossiers

  • Representing Ukraine as respondent in an ICSID arbitration initiated by two affiliates of UC RUSAL in relation to an alleged investment in an aluminium and alumina production company.
  • Representing Ukraine in an SCC arbitration in Stockholm brought by VEB.RF, Russia’s national economic development institution, in relation to sanctions and other measures allegedly targeting Russian banks in Ukraine after 2014.

Simmons & Simmons

Simmons & Simmons

Responsables de la pratique:

Philippe Cavalieros

Les références

‘Philippe Cavalieros is an excellent arbitration practitioner who knows the procedure perfectly, he demonstrates excellent practicality and a very appreciable strategic vision of cases.’

‘Great responsiveness, good strength and quality at various levels of seniority. Sound strategic, yet commercially-minded advice.’

‘Philippe Cavalieros marries sound legal strategy with commercially-minded advice.’

‘They have extensive knowledge and experience of ICC arbitration.’

‘Very efficient, responsive and high level of expertise.’

‘Philippe Cavalieros is very attentive to his client, shows curiosity and agility, has a comprehensive knowledge in his legal area and strong know-how.’

Principaux clients

First Quantum Minerals Ltd

Sodexo Pass International SAS

Principaux dossiers

  • Successfully acting for Sodexo in ICSID annulment proceedings initiated in May 2019 by the Hungarian State.
  • Acting for Mauritanian Copper Mines SA, a subsidiary of the Canadian mining group First Quantum Minerals Ltd, in an ICSID arbitration case against the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

Squire Patton Boggs

Squire Patton Boggs has considerably bolstered its practice in the last five years. Among its key recent hires are former ICC Deputy Secretary General José Ricardo Feris, who joined in 2017, followed by Sabrina Aïnouz and Jérôme Lehucher, who both joined from DWF (France) AARPI in September 2020, and finally John Adam, who arrived from Latham & Watkins  in April 2021. The four now join forces with Paris practice head Carole Sportes and Antoine Adeline  as well as with Stephan Adell  (Paris/Dubai), Rostislav Pekař (Prague/Paris) and Alexis Martinez  (Paris/London). Building on the firm’s global reputation and in line with the firm’s growth in a number of other jurisdictions, the Paris team has wasted no time attracting high-profile mandates. The team is heavily involved in Africa, the Middle-East, Asia and Eastern Asia, Latin America and Europe, using its wide geographical presence to its clients’ advantage. The practice excels at handling energy price disputes and investment arbitration, often representing states. It is also very solid in construction arbitration, especially in Middle-Eastern countries, and notably handles strategic matters in Libya. The firm’s extensive caseload, which comprises several billion-dollar disputes, also includes large telecoms and media matters.

Responsables de la pratique:

Carole Sportes

Autres avocats clés:

José Ricardo Feris; Stephan Adell; Rostislav Pekar; Alexis Martinez; Antoine Adeline; John Adam; Sabrina Aïnouz; Jérôme Lehucher

Les références

‘They provided very professional advice, the lawyers were proactive and smart.’

‘Jérôme Lehucher and Sabrina Aïnouz are both very friendly and open people. It is easy to communicate with them. They are real fighters with expertise in investment arbitration, hard working professionals.’

‘The firm has an extremely strong practice in this area, under the fantastic leadership of Sabrina Aïnouz and Jérôme Lehucher.  They offer an exceptionally skilled team of individuals who provide advice which is always considered and on point.  They have developed a very strong following in the market. They are particularly strong in arbitrations where states are involved.’

‘Sabrina Aïnouz and Jérôme Lehucher are each superb. They each have professorial specialist knowledge of public international law and are definitely stars in the field (including treaty arbitration). Their capacity for work is phenomenal and each has an unbeatable intellect. Under their guidance, Squire Patton Boggs’ practice will inevitably continue to grow in depth and skillsets.’

‘We are very happy with the way our case is being handled. All the people we are in contact with, irrespective of their location, are working as a well-knit team and have made a cogent case and we feel optimistic about the outcome. From our perspective, they have worked seamlessly as a team to put together very good arguments, compiled the documents and have been in regular communication with us for clarifications and updates. In particular, the video-conference calls have been useful in getting them and our team on the same page.’

‘The team is excellent. It combines legal talent with a deep understanding of the technical and industrial issues that have arisen in the arbitrations in question. I mainly met José Feris and Carole Sportes who are both top-quality lawyers with extensive experience in arbitration, including ICC disputes.’

Principaux clients

The Republic of Costa Rica

The Republic of Croatia

The Republic of Ecuador



Principaux dossiers

  • Representing the Republic of Costa Rica in an ICSID arbitration brought by a Spanish investor under the Spain-Costa Rica Bilateral Investment Treaty, with claims arising out of a series of alleged measures taken by governmental agencies against the claimant’s company.
  • Representing the Republic of Ecuador in an UNCITRAL investment arbitration brought by WorleyParsons International under the Ecuador-US Bilateral Investment Treaty.
  • Representing the State of Turkmenistan in two separate ICSID arbitrations, involving Turkish and German contractors asserting claims arising out of various construction and infrastructure projects in Turkmenistan.

Teynier Pic

Dispute resolution boutique Teynier Pic covers litigation and arbitration proceedings, acting for French and international groups. France’s first established arbitration boutique has grown a lot since its inception in the early 2000s’ and now impresses with a deep bench and a truly international team. The firm runs a highly varied commercial arbitration caseload with many matters relating to the Arab world. It is also increasingly involved in construction disputes on behalf of leading French and international construction companies. Investment arbitration and exequatur cases are also dealt with. Of particular note is the firm’s know-how of investment exequatur proceedings. Eric Teynier heads the practice, which also includes Pierre Pic, Raphaël Kaminsky and counsel Sara Nadeau-Séguin. Shaparak Saleh  left the firm in early 2022.

Responsables de la pratique:

Eric Teynier

Autres avocats clés:

Pierre Pic; Raphaël Kaminsky; Sara Nadeau-Séguin

Les références

‘The whole team is very professional and honest and made up of high-caliber lawyers. They handled my case in such a professional way and they were of great help to me. They found the right valid legal arguments which prove to be convincing to the judges. They have a very accurate billing system.’

‘Very international team of lawyers specialising in arbitration. Quality service, attentive to the customer and very responsive, even for large and complex arbitrations.’

‘The partners, like the youngest members of arbitration team, are of a very good standard.’

‘The team is a benchmark boutique in international arbitration. Its lawyers are highly qualified and demonstrate remarkable expertise in the management of complex international disputes.’

‘Eric Teynier and Pierre Pic are excellent practitioners in both commercial and investment arbitration. They offer clients responsiveness, rigour, flexibility and creativity, and this in various sectors.’

‘Great team of exceptional and diverse lawyers. Nimble and adaptive, striving for (and achieving) excellence.’

‘Pierre Pic, Eric Teynier, Raphael Kaminsky, Sara Nadeau are excellent in commercial and investment arbitrations. Won cases that many others would have lost by leaving no stone unturned. Easy to work with, strong work ethic, nice and available.’

‘Rare! Professionalism and commitment for clients, the desire to master the files in all their dimensions, this is what characterises the team.’

‘Professional, knowledgeable.’

‘The team is fully focused on disputes – predominantly international arbitration. They are, as a result, highly experienced at all levels. I have been particularly impressed with the quality and client-friendliness of the entire team.’

‘Pierre Pic and Eric Teynier are highly capable, highly client-focused, and heavily engaged in the cases that they undertake.’

‘One of the only arbitration and litigation boutiques that can offer such a wide range of services with lawyers of such a level of competence in Paris. Their size and their independence represent enormous assets on the market. It is a firm in which I have had great confidence for many years and which is quite unique on the Parisian market.’

‘Eric Teynier is particularly recognised for his fighting spirit and meticulousness as an advisor and for the quality of his awards as an arbitrator. Pierre Pic is a remarkable lawyer who knows how to reassure his clients. Raphaël Kaminsky is always enthusiastic, available and hardworking and Sara Nadeau Seguin is a rising star in arbitration.’

‘I think that potential clients would be interested to know that the firm has a talented crop of individuals who combine effectively as a team to advocate their clients’ cause.’

Principaux clients

Rusoro Mining

Schooner Capital

Zakhem Construction and Engineering

State of Cameroon

Cengiz insaat ve ticaret

Serafin Garcia Armas and Karina Garcia Gruber

Stileks Scientific and Production Firm

Mohammed Abdel Raouf Bahgat

Three Crowns LLP

International arbitration boutique Three Crowns LLP has a very established Paris base thanks to a strong team that handles commercial and investment arbitration in addition to public international law disputes. The practice closely collaborates with colleagues from the firm’s overseas offices, especially with the teams in London and Washington. The highly varied caseload includes for many of the world’s largest companies, especially in the energy sector where several French giants regularly turn to the firm. The practice is notably involved in large oil and gas, power, construction and public procurement contracts issues. Cases relate to many parts of the world, with disputes involving Algeria, Africa, the Middle-East, West Asia and even South America featuring prominently in the caseload. The practice is well versed in multi-billion dollar cases and offers experience in challenging investment and public international law issues involving neighboring states. Star partners Georgios Petrochilos and Todd Wetmore co-head the practice which includes Kathryn Khamsi and Simon Elliot. Shaparak Saleh  joined the firm in early 2022 from Teynier Pic.

Responsables de la pratique:

Georgios Petrochilos; Todd Wetmore

Autres avocats clés:

Kathryn Khamsi; Simon Elliot; Shaparak Saleh

Les références

‘Extensive industry knowledge, pragmatic and creative, true collaboration with client leading to best results.’

‘Kathryn Khamsi: knowledgeable, great legal mind and clarity of thought.’

‘A top-notch team. Very experienced lawyers who will move mountains to win their cases. They are very pleasant to work with.’

‘I recommend Georgios Petrochilos for his advocacy skills, his ability to work with foreign law and think outside of the box. Todd Wetmore for his cross-examination skills and expertise in infrastructure and construction. Simon Elliot for his ability to go deep in any kind of matter.’

Principaux clients

The Kingdom of Bahrain

Crescent Petroleum




Consortium made up of Eni, Shell, Chevron and Lukoil

WCV World Capital Ventures Cyprus




SNC Lavalin

Shariket Kahraba Hadjret En Nouss Spa (SNC-Lavalin – Mubadala Development Company joint venture)

Public Gas Corporation of Greece (DEPA)

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing Crescent Petroleum in a multi-billion-dollar arbitration against the National Iranian Oil Company arising out of a gas sales purchase agreement.
  • Representing the Kingdom of Bahrain in numerous state-to-state and investment treaty cases arising from the extremely high-profile Qatar Blockade.
  • Representing oil supermajor Eni in an exceptionally high-stakes and politically sensitive dispute against the Federal Government of Nigeria under the Netherlands-Nigeria BIT relating to a multi-billion dollar investment in Nigeria’s deep offshore.

Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP

Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP

Responsables de la pratique:

Grégoire Bertrou; Dominique Mondoloni

Les références

‘Our general experience of working with the team has been overwhelmingly positive. The team is extremely flexible and responsive, and has been able to provide advice on all the issues that have arisen in the context of the arbitration matters they have been engaged on, sometimes on a very short notice. Their conduct of the arbitration proceedings has been very efficient, and we have been impressed with the way lawyers have invested themselves in defending our position at every stage of the proceedings in all of the cases they have been involved in. Moreover, from the start of our cooperation, the team has been able to quickly establish an open and cordial relationship with their interlocutors, and has demonstrated remarkable transparency in the way it conducts its work. Such qualities are very valuable and important to us.’

‘Grégoire Bertrou excels at strategic thinking. He has an exceptional ability of always keeping track of the ‘big picture’ of the case and putting various arguments together like pieces of a puzzle, which naturally fit together in a sound defense strategy. He has constantly proven to be able to distill even the most complex factual and legal issues into straightforward, easy-to-follow advice.’

‘Astute commercial team.’

‘Dominique Mondolini is incisive, quick and smart – exactly what one is looking for in a French disputes lawyer.’

Principaux clients

Port de Djibouti S.A.

Kyrgyz Republic

Merck Santé SAS

Devas Corporation (India)