Firms To Watch: Dispute resolution: White-collar crime

French independent law firm BCTG Avocats launched its white-collar criminal law practice in early 2023 with the arrivals of Antoine Beauquier and Silvia Lepel from Boken.
Launched in early 2022, boutique firm Rousseau & Sussmann has specialist expertise in criminal tax law. Founding partners Alice Rousseau and Arthur Sussmann are the names to note.
Selnet Giraud Associés is a new business litigation boutique launched in early 2022 by Guillaume Selnet and Romain Giraud, who were formerly at DS Avocats. The duo represent companies, executives and elected officials in a range of cases concerning bribery, embezzlement and fraud.

Dispute resolution: White-collar crime in France

Allen & Overy LLP

Allen & Overy LLP has impressive credentials in the field of tax fraud evasion matters where the firm has played a role in many of the market’s highlight cases. With a strong presence among leading French and international banks, the team also regularly defends those clients in cases concerning money laundering, tax evasion, fraud and misleading commercial practices. The firm also represents a wide range of leading companies or their executives in a range of cases, including industrial accidents and international corruption offences. The practice is led by Denis Chemla, Hippolyte Marquetty and Dan Benguigui.

Responsables de la pratique:

Denis Chemla; Hippolyte Marquetty; Dan Benguigui

Autres avocats clés:

Marine Gourlet

Les références

‘Excellent team. High availability; very good knowledge of the banking sector. great subtlety in analyses and advice; extremely relevant tactical choices.’

‘Denis Chemla is an essential criminal lawyer; very subtle, his advice is extremely relevant. Marine Gourlet is an excellent collaborator’.

‘The business criminal law team is of a very high standard, with a remarkable commitment, an ability to anticipate and propose solutions with a cross-disciplinary approach as to the impact.’

Principaux clients

Collins Aerospace

Credit Mutuel – Factofrance

Danske Bank


Holcim AG

Imperial Tobacco




Principaux dossiers

  • Advised McDonald’s on a criminal investigation carried out by the Financial Department of the Prosecutor’s office (“PNF”) following a complaint for tax fraud filed by the French Tax Authorities.
  • Representing Danske Bank in relation to a multijurisdictional sensitive case, linked to potential offences of money-laundering, organised fraud and tax evasion.
  • Representing Worldpay in relation to suspicious payments made by individuals to online binary options and FX trading websites.

Antonin Lévy & Associés A.A.R.P.I.

White-collar criminal law boutique Antonin Lévy & Associés A.A.R.P.I. manages a prominent caseload, spanning various legal issues and industrial sectors. The team acts for leading French and international companies and also regularly defends senior executives. The team is entrusted to deal with sensitive international corruption cases (sometimes also involving the US authorities), as well as domestic money laundering, bid rigging and tax evasion matters. The firm also regularly handles sensitive industrial accident cases, notably in the transport area. It also manages several high-profile cases concerning undeclared employment work issues, notably defending an internet platform in high-stakes proceedings. Several high-profile political figures are also clients including former Primer Minister François Fillon. Antonin Lévy co-heads the practice alongside Ophélia Claude and Joris Momin de Flaugergues.

Responsables de la pratique:

Antonin Lévy; Ophélia Claude; Joris Momin de Flaugergues

Les références

‘A market leader: maximum responsiveness, clear explanations, approachable, friendly, stars in their field.’

Principaux clients

Renault SA

SNCF |Réseau


CNP Assurances

Seves| Group

Mr. Jean-Bernard LAFONTA

Mr. Gerald ARBOLA

Mr. François FILLON

Mr. Patokh CHODIEV


Principaux dossiers

  • Advising Renault which has been placed under examination as part of the so-called “Dieselgate” case.
  • Representing SNCF Réseau in a major criminal trial related to the accident in Bretigny-sur-Orge in 2013.
  • Representing Deliveroo in the criminal trial related to alleged undeclared labour, in connection with the legal status of Deliveroo deliverers.

Bougartchev Moyne Associés

Boutique litigation firm Bougartchev Moyne Associés is counsel of choice for companies in the defence space as well as for highly sensitive international corruption cases and financial cases. The practice is currently defending several companies and executives facing major tax fraud investigations or proceedings. The team has also been retained recently to act in a high-stakes concealed work case concerning an internet platform. The firm also assists its clients as victims of fraud and also defends individuals in the political sphere. Kiril Bougartchev is highly regarded, and co-heads the practice alongside Emmanuel Moyne and Geoffroy Goubin.

Responsables de la pratique:

Kiril Bougartchev; Emmanuel Moyne; Geoffroy Goubin

Les références

‘Geoffroy Goubin knows how to be creative to find the flaws likely to win us a case. He also does not hesitate to draw inspiration from foreign laws or even to initiate actions abroad when this makes it possible to strengthen our position globally. In this, he has a real global, strategic and long-term vision of the files. More than a lawyer, Geoffroy Goubin has become an indispensable partner in the life of my businesses.’

‘Geoffroy Goubin is probably one of the most brilliant lawyers of his generation in business criminal law. Hyper reactive, he knows how to be very understanding and pragmatic when it comes to preparing a defense (understanding the underlying economic issues, the specificities of our industry but also the media dimension and psychology of a file, and become a real pitbull at the hearing to preserve our rights and ensure our defence. On the Parisian and even French market, he is the only lawyer in whom I have total confidence to entrust him with my defense in criminal matters.’

‘Bougartchev Moyne Associés is a very, very high level firm. It is the assurance of being in good hands to overcome the difficulty in the best possible conditions. Very high sense of service, quality of advice, follow-up, perfect mastery of the procedure and strategic anticipation.’

‘Kiril Bougartchev is like his firm: excellent, ultra-responsive, precise and also pleasant.’

‘The team provides quality service and knows how to adapt to its client whether in terms of availability, invoicing or the means of communication used by the company.’

‘The lawyer who stands out among the others is Geoffroy Goubin. Geoffroy has shown a great availability which is appreciated, we indeed feel supported and accompanied at all times in the life of the company. Geoffroy has also been able to meet our needs in a totally innovative way by adapting to our very operational needs.’

‘Expertise, efficiency, anticipation, discretion’.

Principaux clients

Total Energies

Dassault Aviation


Banque Reyl / Reyl & Cie

Air France

Lagardère Ressources



Principaux dossiers

  • Defence of the interests of one of the main aircraft manufacturers accused of alleged acts of corruption in the context of the sale of several military aircraft to an Asian country.
  • Defending the interests of a multinational in the energy sector, victim of attempted fraud by an organised gang and corruption of international arbitrators.
  • Defence of the interests of the French subsidiary of a leading British digital platform in the context of the prosecution of this company for concealed work before the Paris Criminal Court and the Paris Court of Appeal.

Bredin Prat

Bredin Prat is a leading name in the field and has a strong market share of high-profile cases. It is notably involved in high-stakes tax fraud cases but also handles international fraud, bribery and corruption cases. The firm is also defending a company accused by an NGO of crimes against humanity. The practice also manages industrial accident cases, notably in the automobile, rail and food sectors. Clients include companies and individuals. Eric Dezeuze  and Guillaume Pellegrin are the practice heads.

Responsables de la pratique:

Eric Dezeuze; Guillaume Pellegrin

Principaux clients



Chemarin & Limbour

Chemarin & Limbour's practice, led by Claudia Chemarin, manages a prominent caseload, spanning various sectors. The team is notably retained to handle high-profile industrial accident cases and is also involved in a landmark case where criminal and employment law issues intersect. It has recently been retained to represent a client in a tax fraud case. The group's caseload also includes international corruption and bribery cases. The team acts for executives and companies including top corporations in the telecoms, aviation and engineering sectors. Matthias Guillou is also active in this area.

Responsables de la pratique:

Claudia Chemarin

Autres avocats clés:

Matthias Guillou

Les références

‘Claudia Chemarin is probably one of the best experts in criminal law. Very pragmatic advice to manage all criminal and compliance issues in an optimal way.’

‘Claudia Chemarin shows great rigor in her analyzes and precision in the managing of her files, She is high available. The firm offers transparent and reasonable billing.’

Principaux clients







Les Echos – Le Parisien

Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier

Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier is a familiar fixture at the top of the market and manages a prestigious white-collar criminal law caseload. The firm’s range of involvement is impressive and it handles many high-profile cases relating to the political sphere, including defending the Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti who is facing criminal proceedings, and managing several other headline cases concerning the financing of past presidential campaigns. The firm has also been entrusted by top companies accused of major human rights violations in relation to their foreign activities. It is also acting in several of the country’s major tax fraud cases, and has recently been retained to defend a former key executive facing accusations on the ground of concealed employment breaches regarding the activity of a delivery platform. Christophe Ingrain heads the practice he is supported by associates Paul Mallet, Tristan Gautier and Xavier Philips. Remi Lorrain left the firm in 2022.

Responsables de la pratique:

Christophe Ingrain

Autres avocats clés:

Paul Mallet; Tristan Gautier; Xavier Philips

Les références

‘One of the best recognised firms in France for white-collar crime; great preparation, as well as meticulous and in-depth approach.’

‘Christophe Ingrain is a superb lawyer with great judgement. He is very knowledgeable and dynamic. His experience as a judge gives him an extra advantage: he has a unique perspective into the French judicial circles. Paul Mallet is a key lawyer of the team. He is part of the new generation of genuine criminal lawyers: he explains things very clearly and can cut through to the essential points. He is definitely one to watch for the future.’

‘A very high-level criminal team that intervenes with great efficiency in complex cases. Paul Mallet is a very good lawyer who has a perfect command of each stage of the criminal procedure.’

Principaux clients

Cheikh Suhail BAHWAN

Adrien FALCON (former general manager of Deliveroo)

Eric DUPOND-MORETTI (current French Minister of Justice)


LafargeHolcim & Lafarge SA

International Olympic Committee

SMCP (Sandro Maje Claudie Pierlot)


CCI Nice Côte d’Azur



Guillaume LAMBERT (former campaign director for French President Nicolas Sarkozy)

Sanef Group

Michèle ALLIOT MARIE (former Minister of Justice)

Nathalie RHEIMS

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing LafargeHolcim and Lafarge SA (a listed company) in a criminal investigation launched for complicity of crimes against humanity, financing of terrorist enterprises and the endangering of lives regarding the Syrian activities of the construction group.
  • Assisting Cheikh Suhail BAHWAN in the French criminal investigation related to the alleged misappropriation of funds at Renault / Nissan by former Chief Executive Officer Carlos GHOSN.
  • Represent Eric Dupond-Moretti in an investigation led by the French Cour de justice de la République (French specialised jurisdiction for current members of government or Parliament), regarding alleged abuse of position with respect to his former and current positions.

Delecroix Gublin Associés

White-collar criminal boutique Delecroix Gublin Associés is a popular choice for highly sensitive matters. Practice head Alexis Gublin is particularly strong in dealing with complex cases involving multiple proceedings around the globe and is trusted by several leading companies, notably in the aviation sector, as well as senior executives of high-profile corporations. The team handles a wide range of cases but is often retained to act in international corruption cases, as well as matters relating to industrial accidents and criminal labour law.

Responsables de la pratique:

Alexis Gublin

Les références

‘Quite detailed analyses. The team has a very strong investigation ability. Able to demonstrate very good knowledge of the criminal laws in a good number of countries with a diverse set of professionals who have uniquely different skills for areas of industries.’

‘Alexis Gublin is always very informed about dispute resolution. Quite quick witted and attentive to details. Very good listening ability. He does not miss any details’.

‘Alexis Gublin is always available and relevant. His assistants are competent and responsive.’

Principaux clients




City of Paris

Hartmann Group



Ministry of Army

Principaux dossiers

  • Assisting STELLANTIS (ex-Fiat Chrysler Automobile Group) in the case of the so-called “Dieselgate” investigations.
  • Advising Airbus Group in South Korea and Turkey.
  • Advising Orano (Ex-Areva) in sensitive cases.

FTMS Avocats

FTMS Avocats' caseload comprises high-profile matters relating to the political arena, and the firm regularly defends the French or African political elite. It is currently defending several incumbent ministers, elected individuals and other individuals facing proceedings, on various grounds including corruption and fraud. The team is also acting for a prominent civil servant under investigation for his management of the Covid-19 crisis. The practice also acts for banks, companies and executives in a range of cases, including international corruption and tax fraud. It has also been mandated recently to assist former CEOs of digital platforms accused of concealed employment offences. The practice is also well known for its expertise in human rights and civil liberties and is sought out by domestic and international, particularly African, clients. Pierre-Olivier Sur and Mathias Chichportich co-head the practice.

Responsables de la pratique:

Pierre-Olivier Sur; Mathias Chichportich

Autres avocats clés:

Sofia Bougrine; Clara Gérard Rodriguez; Agathe Blanc

Les références

‘Pierre-Olivier Sur and Mathias Chichportich form a highly recognized duo., the experience of the former being perfectly complemented by the talent and energy of the latter. Their collaborator Sofia Bougrine is also an excellent element.’

‘Great team, competent, responsive, available and always ready to respond in the most professional way possible.’

‘Pierre-Olivier Sur is a reference in the field of business criminal law and criminal law in general. Clara Gérard Rodriguez is a brilliant lawyer who masters her cases. Agathe Blanc is a responsive lawyer who listens to problems.’

Principaux clients






















Principaux dossiers

  • Representing French Interior Minister Gérald DARMANIN who is facing allegations of rape and abuse of power.
  • Assisting the Governor of the Lebanese Central Bank Riad SALAMEH, in the context of a judicial investigation opened by the French National Financial Prosecutor following allegations of fraud, embezzlement of public funds, and money laundering.
  • Assisting Professor Jérôme Salomon, Head of the French Public Health Agency (Direction Générale de la Santé), in a parliamentary inquiry and judicial investigation opened following allegations of mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic by the French authorities.

Kiejman & Marembert

Kiejman & Marembert ranks among France’s top independent boutiques and is retained by leading investment banks and companies as well as senior executives and other individuals. It manages an impressive array of top cases, several of them dealing with high-stakes tax fraud and money laundering allegations. The firm recently assisted a top US bank with the signing of a French judiciary settlement (CJIPI) in a prominent tax fraud case, which marked the first time an agreement was signed in France by a company sued on the grounds of complicity. The team is currently involved in a high-profile international trust tax issue case. Thierry Marembert and Paul Le Fèvre are the key names.

Responsables de la pratique:

Thierry Marembert

Autres avocats clés:

Paul Le Fèvre

Principaux dossiers

  • Defending JP MORGAN against allegations of tax fraud, which led to the negotiation of a criminal settlement (CJIP).

Cabinet Maisonneuve

White-collar criminal law boutique Cabinet Maisonneuve needs little introduction and has an impressive track record handling a wide range of cases. It is often retained to act in sensitive cases relating to the political sphere, where it regularly acts for former civil servants, executives and the European Parliament. The practice also regularly handles criminal cases concerning health & safety and employment law issues. The team is also involved in a high-profile international corruption case. Patrick Maisonneuve, Antoine Maisonneuve, Bérénice de Warren and new arrival Rémi Lorrain, who joined as a partner in September 2022 from Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier, are the practice heads.

Responsables de la pratique:

Patrick Maisonneuve; Antoine Maisonneuve; Bérénice de Warren; Rémi Lorrain

Les références

 ‘A competent, dynamic and available team; acts with great discretion in the management of sensitive files.’

‘Antoine Maisonneuve is an excellent legal technician who knows how to support his clients in the most complex criminal proceedings.’

‘In-depth technical knowledge and always available’.

‘Antoine Maisonneuve perfectly masters all aspects of criminal law. He is also genuinely involved in his cases’.

‘An excellent firm of criminal lawyers. Its expertise, old and proven, is indisputable.’

‘Antoine Maisonneuve has excellent expertise and remarkable human qualities.’

‘One of the best business criminal law shops in Paris. Patrick Maisonneuve has intervened in the majority of political and financial affairs in recent years.’

‘Rémi Lorrain is a renowned lawyer. He is reassuring, close to his clients, available, an excellent litigator, endowed with an exceptional capacity for conviction and an exceptional technician. He has an in-depth knowledge of public procurement regulations and an excellent understanding of tax mechanisms.’

Principaux clients

Guy Alves

Sébastien de Montessus

Laurent Simonin

Jacques Moulin

Paris-Saint Germain Football Club

European Parliament

Bernard Squarcini

Université de Paris

Joelle Ceccaldi

Jean Pierre de Vincenzi

Pierre Sardet


Taylor Wessing

Taylor Wessing handles a busy caseload and manages high-profile cases, including several landmark matters linked to the political sphere and concerning various offences including fraud, harassment and breach of secrecy. The team is also managing a very sensitive case linked to the political management of the Covid-19 crisis. The team has recently been retained to handle a new type of matter concerning the seizure of bitcoins, and the practice also handles a considerable amount of corporate law abuses as well as headline cases in the sport and media fields. Paul-Albert Iweins and Benoît Goulesque-Monaux are key figures.

Responsables de la pratique:

Paul-Albert Iweins; Benoît Goulesque-Monaux

Les références

‘Simple and direct communication. Great complementary skills, attentive and able to guide clients. Strategic sense; solid conclusions and skillfully conducted pleadings.’

August Debouzy

August Debouzy manages quite a diverse caseload, defending companies as well as corporate executives and individuals. The white-collar criminal team frequently combines forces with the firm’s employment law practice to handle major cases that intersect both areas. The practice also regularly handles corporate-related criminal and financial infractions as well as tax evasion, corruption and money laundering cases. It also defends several companies or executives facing allegations of human rights abuses, particularly linked to their operations abroad in conflict zones. The highly regarded Astrid Mignon Colombet co-heads the practice alongside Benjamin van Gaver and Basile Ader. Valérie Munoz-Pons and Olivier Attias, who were promoted to the partnership in 2023, are also key contributors.

Responsables de la pratique:

Benjamin van Gaver; Astrid Mignon Colombet; Basile Ader

Autres avocats clés:

Valérie Munoz-Pons; Olivier Attias; Amélie Tripet; Manon Krouty

Les références

‘An innovative, friendly and most attentive team that listens to customers. The team is available, pragmatic and understands the needs of clients. Advice is always a clever balance between the legal and practical aspects; the client is always advised as accurately as possible with success.’

‘Benjamin Van Gaver and his team, including Amélie Tripet and Olivier Attias, are exceptional. Benjamin is an excellent jurist knowing perfectly the rules of law, who manages elegantly to present to customers alternative solutions, all in the sole interest of the customers. Benjamin has a strong legal culture while remaining humble and measured.’

‘Olivier Attias is pragmatic and has good judgement. He stands out for his responsiveness and availability.’

‘Excellent follow-up, in particular via modern and efficient means of communication such as signal or WhatsApp, which allows direct and constructive exchanges.’

‘Olivier Attias and Manon Krouty demonstrate great professionalism.’

‘Astrid Mignon Colombet is a very dedicated and sharp criminal law lawyer. She is very responsive, easy to approach and with an eye for detail. She listens carefully, does not overcharge fees and delivers high quality advice.’

‘High quality lawyers, with a constant concern for high quality of service and advice. Astrid Mignon Colombet and her team are very available. This team has the finest capacity for risk analysis.’

 ‘The team goes above and beyond for their clients; they are very straight forward and accompany clients every step of the way. They are always willing to discuss matters and explain all aspects very well, making decisions easier to reach.’

Principaux clients






















Principaux dossiers

  • Defending Mrs. Fillon before the Court of Appeal of Paris against allegations that she benefited from fictitious employment roles.
  • Defending SNCF before the Evry Correctional Court, regarding the indemnification of victims of the 12 July 2013 Brétigny-sur-Orge train derailment, which killed 7 and injured hundreds of others.
  • Assisting Solutions 30 which has been the target of anonymous reports in December 2020 mentioning alleged links with mafia organisations and money laundering.


Bochamp has a strong international profile and is entrusted by foreign companies and individuals, as well as French ones. It has a strong focus on Chinese clients, with Yasong Lin particularly sought after, and African clients. Recently, the firm has seen an uptick in instructions to represent several individuals and third parties targeted by EU Russian sanctions. The team manages a diverse caseload and acts in sensitive financial and tax evasion cases, while also handling matters in the defence and industrial fields. Co-heads of practice François Gery and Nicolas Demard stand out for their hands-on experience gained from previous roles with the French Army and the Nice financial prosecutor’s office, respectively. The firm also has expertise in other business law areas, including corporate and tax.

Responsables de la pratique:

François Géry; Nicolas Demard

Principaux clients

China Embassy



Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton

Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton's criminal law team handles several landmark cases in diverse areas; it acts in several high-profile criminal tax cases and recently managed to obtain the annulment of a dawn raid carried out by the police and tax authorities. The practice has also been entrusted recently with the management of several sensitive matters on behalf of companies and financial institutions facing accusations of complicity in human rights violations in relation to activities carried out in countries where conflicts are ongoing. The firm is also regularly retained by French clients to assist with proceedings in the US, while advising financial institutions on regulatory enforcement and criminal investigations is another strength.  Jean-Yves GaraudDelphine Michot, and counsel Guillaume de Rancourt co-head the practice, which also includes associate Nicolas Degardin.

Responsables de la pratique:

Jean-Yves Garaud; Delphine Michot; Guillaume de Rancourt; Aude Dupuis

Les références

‘The team of Jean-Yves Garaud provides remarkable and extremely precise work. Jean-Yves makes his customers particularly comfortable and his teams are always available’.

‘Nicolas Degardin is an excellent legal technician with a pragmatic approach.’

Principaux clients

Crédit Lyonnais

Royal Bank of Canada

The Baupost Group

Bondholders of Groupe Agripole


Principaux dossiers

  • Represented IDEMIA in concluding a settlement regarding allegations of corruption concerning a $100m Bangladeshi contract.
  • Successfully represented The Royal Bank of Canada Trust Company  before the Criminal Section of the Paris Court concerning inheritance tax fraud allegations.
  • Representing a manager of The Baupost Group before the Criminal Section of the Paris Court in connection with a tax fraud case involving tax and penalties in excess of €200m.

Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance is frequently retained by leading corporations, has a strong presence among leading banks and also defends individuals. The practice manages a prominent caseload, regularly dealing with cases investigated by the PNF (the French financial prosecuting body), as well as handlinge tax evasion and money laundering cases where it frequently defends banks. It is also defending a major company facing bribery and corruption accusations regarding activities carried out in a foreign country. The firm has a strong ability to handle matters featuring strong international components and has been involved in several cases where investigations have been jointly coordinated by several European and US regulators or authorities. The practice also has a strong track record negotiating judicial settlements, including with the French CJIP. The team is jointly led by Thomas Baudesson and Charles-Henri Boeringer. Counsel Sophie Levy provides additional support.

Responsables de la pratique:

Thomas Baudesson; Charles-Henri Boeringer

Autres avocats clés:

Sophie Levy

Les références

‘Global network and reputation on multi-jurisdictional cases’.

‘Charles-Henri Boeringer is an extremely thorough and thoughtful lawyer completely engaged for the success of his clients. He is fully immersed in his cases, being able to deep dive in the smallest details while always keeping in mind the bigger picture. Very strong and creative problem solver with the ability to think “outside the box” to deliver first-class strategic advice in highly complex situations. His relationships and ability to work with regulators is very powerful.’

‘Sophie Levy shows exceptional client relationship skills. Her dual competency in French and US law is extremely useful on complex cross-border cases.’

Principaux clients


Bank of China

A commercial bank’s former CEO

Principaux dossiers

  • Successfully assisting Airbus SE with the signing of a French judicial settlement (“Convention judicaire d’interet public” – CJIP) with the French authorities.
  • Assisting Bank of China with a criminal investigation for tax fraud money laundering.
  • Defending the former CEO of a commercial bank in criminal proceedings relating to alleged money laundering and tax fraud offences


Courrégé-Foreman is sought out by high-level executives, former CEOs and companies. It manages a prominent caseload which includes major cases in relation to tax fraud, corruption and cartel issues. The team also handles several cases where employment and criminal law issues intersect. The team is also highly regarded for its strong knowledge of the aviation sector and is retained as an adviser to a major domestic airport management company and an aviation engine manufacturer. Mauricia Courrégé and Simon Foreman lead the team, which also includes Aurélie Girault.

Responsables de la pratique:

Mauricia Courrégé; Simon Foreman

Autres avocats clés:

Aurélie Girault

Les références

‘Mauricia Courrégé is one of the very few criminal lawyers with whom it is easy to work in a team with non-specialists. She is able to master technical fields far removed from her ordinary activity. She is able to clearly explain the components of building a criminal trial strategy.’

‘Always sound advice with a good strategic dimension. Consideration of the client’s objective.’

‘Sharp and tenacious lawyers. High quality in the work provided. A strategic vision of the file and a real availability.’

‘A small team with very in-depth skills on certain subjects, allowing the creation of a real relationship of trust over the long term.’

‘Mauricia Courrégé and Simon Foreman have created a real relationship of trust. Genuine expertise, in-depth knowledge of litigation.’

‘Involvement and efficiency are exceptional as well as knowledge of the challenges and the aeronautical field.’

‘Mauricia Courrégé and Aurélie Girault combine legal efficiency and exceptional knowledge of our issues, both commercially and technically. As a result, they generate an exceptional level of trust and perfect credibility among magistrates.’

Principaux clients






Principaux dossiers

  • Assisting Safran Helicopter Engines (an engine manufacturer) in criminal and civil proceedings initiated following an engine stoppage which caused a helicopter crash.
  • Successfully defended Amnesty International France which was being sued by the Kingdom of Morocco for libel and defamation in the matter of the Pegasus Project in which the organisation and 17 media organisations revealed Morocco’s use of the Pegasus spyware.
  • Defending ADP and its managers and employees in various proceedings before criminal courts.

Dartevelle Dubest Bellanca

White-collar criminal law boutique Dartevelle Dubest Bellanca is regularly entrusted by senior executives of CAC 40 companies and is currently defending individuals against allegations of fraud, anti-corruption and anti-bribery. The firm also stands out for its strong international profile and its ability to combine its white-collar criminal law expertise with its knowledge of the financial services sector, and it also acts for companies and financial institutions. The team also regularly handles matters dealing with labour criminal law (accidents, suicides and harassment). The practice is headed by white-collar criminal law expert Fabrice Dubest and Frédéric Bellanca, whose expertise lies in defending companies against allegations of corruption, money laundering and stock market abuse, particularly in the financial services space. Also recommended are Philippe Rossignol and Vincent Blondeau.

Responsables de la pratique:

Fabrice Dubest; Frédéric Bellanca

Autres avocats clés:

Philippe Rossignol; Vincent Blondeau

Les références

‘One of the most experienced firms in business criminal law with very specific expertise in the resolution of complex and multi-jurisdictional disputes. Members are pro-active and have a decisive impulse in the construction of a global strategy intended to best serve the interests of their clients. They are very professional and are fully involved in their files’.

‘Frédéric Bellanca has particularly extensive skills in financial criminal law.’

‘Frédéric Bellanca is an experienced partner whose contribution is decisive in building a global strategy. In addition to being a lawyer with very sharp legal knowledge and valuable professional experience that he knows how to put to good use, Frédéric Bellanca is an excellent manager.’

Principaux clients

Daniel COLIN (Head of CS AVIATION)


Principaux dossiers

  • Defending the former financial director of IKEA FRANCE, who is accused of illegally inquiring about IKEA’s employees, job applicants and customers’ criminal records.
  • Defending Daniel COLIN, a CEO of a company operating in aviation consultancy and transportation of African dignitaries, who is suspected of abuse of corporate assets, forgery and use of forgeries, breach of trust, and laundering of tax fraud.
  • Defending Jean-Louis CHAILLY, former General manager of DEVELOPPEMENT PROMOTION, who is suspected of criminal concealment of public funds.

Fedida Associes

Criminal law boutique Fedida Associes is a go-to firm for high-profile clients in headline cases. The firm represents leading companies, senior executives and individuals in cases concerning tax fraud, money laundering and bribery. The practice is also retained to assist with high-stakes reputational management cases. The practice is led by the highly experienced Jean-Marc Fedida and Julie Fabreguettes.

Responsables de la pratique:

Jean-Marc Fedida; Julie Fabreguettes

Les références

‘Solid team and excellent services.’

Principaux clients


Canard Enchaîné

Veolia Environnement

Mrs Arlette Ricci

Consus group

Aéroports de Paris


Financière Hervé

Principaux dossiers

  • Defending ORPEA in a case concerning reputational issues following the publication of a book by journalist Victor Castanet.
  • Defending Veolia in criminal matters regarding allegations of political interference in the Veolia-Suez merger.
  • Defending former executive directors of WENDEL accused of tax evasion.

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP's team is highly prized for its 'innovative use of technology to ensure the confidentiality and security of client data'. The team regularly acts in high-stakes criminal proceedings concerning allegations of corruption and fraud, frequently with a cross-border nexus. It represents many leading domestic companies in a wide range of matters and is notably involved in France’s first criminal liability cartel case. Kami Haeri and former French prosecutor Eric Russo are the practice heads.

Responsables de la pratique:

Kami Haeri; Eric Russo

Les références

‘The firm is at the forefront of the latest legislative developments. The team is innovative in its use of technology to ensure the confidentiality and security of client data.’

‘I recommend the firm’s business criminal law team, which is very agile and has extensive expertise.’

Principaux clients

Frank Attal


Principaux dossiers

  • Advising Renault in the context of several pending criminal investigations related to wrongdoings that have been committed by its former CEO.
  • Advising a company that has brought criminal charges of money laundering against Credit Suisse in Switzerland in connection with a fraud committed by one of the employees of the bank.

VIGO Cabinet d'Avocats

VIGO Cabinet d'Avocats has established itself as a key destination for cases concerning high-profile industrial scandals. The firm is currently defending leading companies or their executives in cases concerning fraud, doping and criminal employment law breaches, among others, concerning the retail, sport and automobile sectors. The team also stands out for its ability to handle cutting-edge criminal human rights issues, where it has experience representing NGOs as well as acting for defendants, and its work in this area extends to allegations regarding companies’ operations in China, Africa and the Middle East. Emmanuel Daoud is the practice head.

Responsables de la pratique:

Emmanuel Daoud

Les références

‘Excellent knowledge of their files. Proximity. Availability. Quality of work. Competence.’

ABPA - Apelbaum Bendavid Poincloux Associés

Boutique firm ABPA - Apelbaum Bendavid Poincloux Associés specialises in white-collar criminal law and represents companies and executives facing a wide range of accusations, including international corruption, international tax evasion, embezzlement, fraud and money laundering. It manages a strong and challenging caseload made up of ongoing and new cases and has recently been retained to act in several French national financial district prosecutor (PNF)-led investigations and also obtained the release on bail of several executives in separate cases. The firm also acts in several Russian and Corsican-related cases, and also represents artists and singers. The group also has strong know-how in the industrial field; regularly advising prominent French and international industrial companies following major accidents. David Apelbaum, Michaël Bendavid and Margaux Durand-Poincloux are the practice heads.

Responsables de la pratique:

David Apelbaum; Michaël Bendavid; Margaux Durand-Poincloux

Les références

‘The team is dynamic, rigorous, and very experienced. It is large enough to handle complex and voluminous files, dealing with the most sophisticated subjects.’

‘David Apelbaum is rigorous, reactive, lucid, experienced. He knows how to speak with the client to work harmoniously and in partnership. He approaches files with great calmness, which contributes to efficient work. Michael Bendavid and David Apelbaum are very high-level lawyers, they provide first-rate legal assistance to their clients.’

‘The team is young and allows good commitment from the partners.’

‘David Apelbaum is quick and smart. Michaël Bendavid is brilliant.’

‘Experienced team.’

‘Available, good listening skills, good knowledge of files, good development of a strategy’.

‘A very available, responsive and efficient team.’

‘David Alpelbaum is always very available and clear in his advice.’

Principaux clients

AdhexPharma group

Bansard International

Mr Nadav Bensoussan

Mr Olivier Carvin (Maranatha Group President)

Mr Vincent Chauvet (city mayor)

Church of Scientology

Mr M’jid El Guerrab (Member of Parliament)

France Affiches

French National Bar Council

Geneva University Hospital

Hedios Patrimoine

Institution Jeanne d’Arc de Montrouge

Key Biscane Asset Management (minority shareholder of Centthor-Decoral group)

Mr Jean-Luc Lahaye (artist)

Mr Stéphane Manigold (food industry investor, CEO of Éclore group)

Marval group – Club Pierre Charron


National Syndicate of Medical Junior Practicioners (Intersyndicale nationale des internes en médecine)

Otis Elevator Company


Pratt & Whitney

Saudi Supply


Mr François-Xavier Susini

Mr Sergeï Pugachev


Principaux dossiers

  • Represented a hotel and real estate businessman, accused of alleged money laundering in Corsica.
  • Represented a Russian national, former billionaire and political opponent, in various criminal proceedings in France aiming at depriving him of his international assets.


BG2V regularly defends individuals, former and incumbent corporate executives and foreign wealthy individuals, facing allegations of corruption, fraud, money laundering or embezzlement in France and sometimes abroad. The team notably acts in a high-profile tax fraud case and is also involved in several matters concerning the awarding of public procurement contracts. The group also defends companies in the food sector in relation to breaches concerning food products, and handles defamation and illicit content issues for several digital platforms. The practice is led by Karim Beylouni and Julien Vernet.

Responsables de la pratique:

Karim Beylouni; Julien Vernet

Autres avocats clés:

Alexandre Vignoli; Claire de Panafieu

Les références

‘Karim Beylouni, Alexandre Vignoli and Claire de Panafieu are very responsive, provide top quality work and are very skilled professionals.’

‘The quality of the team and of the firm is by far among the best on the Paris market.’

Principaux clients




Principaux dossiers

  • Represented Herta, a major company in the food industry, in a delicate matter regarding an accident that caused the death of a 2-year-old boy.
  • Represented an heiress of the art dealer Daniel Wildenstein in the “Wildenstein case” tax fraud.
  • Assisting Mukhtar Ablyazov, one of the main opponents to the Kazakh dictatorship and a political refugee in France.

Gide Loyrette Nouel A.A.R.P.I.

Gide Loyrette Nouel A.A.R.P.I. is regularly retained by oil and gas and engineering groups as well as executives facing PNF investigations regarding allegations of corruption, frequently with a link to Africa but also Brazil. The firm, which has strong discovery capabilities, also handles a wide range of cases dealing with various issues: industrial accidents, clinical trials or undeclared work. It is also active in the domestic political sphere where it notably defends those elected to public office in criminal proceedings. The firm also assists clients at risk prevention stages or as victims of cyberattacks. The practice is co-headed by Sophie Scemla, Bruno Quentin and Jean-Philippe Pons-Henry, who is involved in matters concerning financial services-related offences. François Voiron was promoted to counsel in January 2022.

Responsables de la pratique:

Bruno Quentin; Jean-Philippe Pons-Henry; Sophie Scemla

Les références

‘Excellent reports, very easy, with a perfect mutual understanding of issues and strategy.’

‘A household name in the legal community, Sophie Scemla, who is a senior partner and business crime specialist, is one of the leading lawyers in France practising in this specialised area.’

Principaux clients

BMW France




Crédit Foncier de France

Centaurus Group

Former top manager of Business France

Mr Alexander Studhalter

Mr Georges Siffredi



SNCF Mobilités

Springcolt Securities (Prince Karim Aga Khan IV)

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP combines strong compliance and white-collar criminal law expertise. The firm manages a diverse caseload concerning corruption, bribery and tax evasion allegations, as well as employees’ fraud and industrial accidents. The team is handling a number of PNF-led investigations and has signed several judiciary settlements (CJIP) recently. The practice also assists companies facing investigations from international development banks. Clients include French and international companies. Jonathan Mattout heads the team.

Responsables de la pratique:

Jonathan Mattout

Les références

 ‘The legal and technical level in business criminal law is absolutely remarkable. Impressive quality of their analyses. Availability is total, the team is experienced in handling high-level files (PNF, international, etc.)’

‘Jonathan Mattout combines all the qualities. He offers a practice and availability close to the model of “boutique” firms with the means of a large firm. The result is remarkable. His ability to work in a team with lawyers from different firms must be underlined. His ability to play as a team is an asset and a rare quality. Total availability, humility, great mastery of subjects.’

‘One of the best teams of business criminal lawyers in France. Historically focused on compliance, it is also evolving towards handling white collar crime cases, with great success.’

Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP

Headed by Félix De Belloy, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP defends leading companies, CEOs and individuals. The practice is involved in a wide range of headline cases and also regularly handles corporate, financial and employment law criminal issues. It also has strong capabilities when it comes to handling international corruption and fraud investigations, notably for leading banks or their senior executives.

Responsables de la pratique:

Félix de Belloy

Principaux clients

Cohen’s family

Société Générale


Yves Le Masne (ORPEA)

Principaux dossiers

  • Defend Yves Le Masne, Orpea’s former CEO who is facing several criminal proceedings for various serious allegations.
  • Assisting two individuals regarding an extensive cross-border litigation between the Libyan Investment Authority and Société Générale based on bribery allegations.

Jones Day

Jones Day’s Bénédicte Graulle heads a team that has strong expertise acting for banks and industrial companies. The practice notably defends several banks and executives facing allegations of fraud, and is also a key name for cybercrime cases. The team also stands out for its ability to manage highly sensitive industrial accidents and employment criminal law cases. The practice is experienced in handling cross-border cases involving investigations from the French or/and foreign authorities, where it can also offer complementary in-house discovery and internal investigations know-how. Major industrial companies, notably in the energy and pharmaceutical fields, as well as banks and financial services companies are clients.

Responsables de la pratique:

Bénédicte Graulle

Les références

‘Excellent expertise, very good knowledge of the banking sector; great availability. Ability to propose innovative and adapted solutions; it is extremely pleasant to work with Bénédicte Graulle and her team.’

‘Bénédicte Graulle is a great professional, who provides excellent advice and great availability’.

‘The team is very attentive to the needs of customers and adapts perfectly to them in record time.’

King & Spalding LLP

King & Spalding LLP has recently been mandated to act in two new high-profile cases, defending executives in two distinct international corruption and tax fraud proceedings. The team is also part of Carlos Ghosn’s legal counsel in a landmark international case. The practice also assists companies and individuals in dealing with a range of matters including corporate and bankruptcy-related matters, and is supporting a large corporation which was the target of a major cyberattack. In addition, the practice also regularly assists NGOs and individuals with managing sensitive human rights and terrorism matters. Practice head Jean Tamalet works closely with US lawyer and counsel Amy Madigan and counsel Aurélie Chazottes.

Responsables de la pratique:

Jean Tamalet

Autres avocats clés:

Amy Madigan; Aurélie Chazottes

Les références

‘Jean Tamalet shows great capacity and speed of analysis of exceptional criminal situations, in addition to having an exceptional flair to judge the way in which a situation is likely to be approached by the prosecuting authority.’

Principaux clients

Carlos Ghosn

Amine Elbahi

Lagardère Multimédia/Europe 1 Telecommunications SAS


Sea Shepherd global and France



SDW Group/Stanislas Dewynter

OJB Parachutisme

Principaux dossiers

  • Assisting Mr. Ghosn in relation to the French criminal procedures.

Marsigny Gosset Avocats

Boutique firm Marsigny Gosset Avocats is entrusted by companies, senior executives, top public servants and political figures. The practice is involved in complex cases, including fraud and international corruption-related matters. It defended SNCF in a recent trial held in relation to a major train accident that occurred in Brétigny. The team is also defending several individuals targeted by sensitive extradition proceedings. Emmanuel Marsigny, Louis Guesdon and Cyril Gosset are the practice heads.

Responsables de la pratique:

Emmanuel Marsigny; Cyril Gosset; Louis Guesdon

Principaux clients


Mr Frank Schneider – former head of Luxembourg intelligence



Mr Andrei Isaev

Principaux dossiers

  • Assistance of the French national railway company SNCF in the context of the prosecution following the 2013 Brétigny-sur-Orge disaster.
  • Assistance of Mr Frank Schneider, former head of Luxembourg intelligence, within extradition proceedings at the request of the United States of America in the prominent financial criminal case called “OneCoin”.
  • Assistance of Mr Andrei Isaev, with regards to the request of extradition targeting him issued by the Russian authorities in the context of a complex business litigation in Russia.


Navacelle specialises in white-collar criminal law compliance and investigations and is retained by companies, their executives or employees to handle fraud, bribery, money laundering and international corruption cases. The practice is involved in several investigations led by French financial prosecutor (PNF). It is notably defending top employees in several high-profile corruption cases, notably in the aviation and energy sectors, involving the French, US and UK authorities. Stéphane De Navacelle and Julie Zorrilla are the practice heads.

Responsables de la pratique:

Stéphane de Navacelle; Julie Zorrilla

Reinhart Marville Torre

Reinhart Marville Torre is able to deal with a wide range of matters thanks to a sizeable team of lawyers combining white-collar criminal law, commercial litigation and employment law expertise. The practice is retained by companies, executives and other individuals. It handles international corruption, tax fraud, bribery, money laundering, harassment, industrial accidents, as well as human rights-related issues including international terrorism cases. The team notably assists several key clients in the defence sector. The team is also involved in several high-profile corruption cases and has been retained recently by a company facing serious accusations in relation to residential care. Jean Reinhart, Olivier BlucheAgathe Moreau and litigators Louis-Marie Absil and Marc Susini are the practice heads.

Responsables de la pratique:

Louis-Marie Absil; Olivier Bluche; Agathe Moreau; Jean Reinhart; Marc Susini

Les références

‘Agathe Moreau shows strong responsiveness and skills.’

Principaux clients

Rachida Dati (former Ministry of Justice)

S.C.P.N (Syndicat des commissaires de Police Nationale)


Schapira Associés

White-collar criminal law boutique Schapira Associés manages a busy caseload that includes matters concerning international corruption, corporate law breaches, sexual abuse, fraud, money laundering and bribery, among others. The firm has notably been retained by several leading French companies in relation to the French Duty Vigilance Act concerning their overseas operations (notably in Latin America). It is also defending senior executives in various cases, including in a high-profile matter concerning allegations of complicity in crimes against humanity. The practice regularly acts for French and international companies as well as executives, elected officials and individuals. Sebastien Schapira is highly regarded, and co-heads the practice alongside Dimitri Grémont and press and criminal family law specialist Lorraine Delva.

Responsables de la pratique:

Sébastien Schapira; Lorraine Delva; Dimitri Grémont

Les références

‘An available and competent team.’

‘Sébastien Schapira is one of the best criminal lawyers of his generation, he has a sense of defense, in addition to knowing how to handle criminal procedure effectively.’

‘The team is made up of lawyers of different seniority, which allows a good distribution of tasks.’

Principaux clients






Soulez Larivière Avocats

White-collar criminal law boutique Soulez Larivière Avocats manages a high-profile caseload and is entrusted by several leading companies or executives. It has a track record handling cases relating to industrial accidents, often linked to plant explosion or healthcare device products. The team is also highly knowledgeable in the field of labour criminal law, defending several companies facing concealed employment investigations and is also proficient in managing international corruption and bribery investigations. It has recently been retained to assist with a high-profile tax fraud case. Aurélia Grignon and Capucine Lanta de Bérard are the names to note.

Responsables de la pratique:

Capucine Lanta de Bérard; Aurélia Grignon

Principaux clients



Principaux dossiers

  • Defending a high-level executive in the Wendel tax fraud case.

Veil Jourde

Veil Jourde's dispute resolution team handles several white-collar criminal law cases and the team regularly represents leading French companies as well as executives in high-profile matters. It is involved in sensitive cases relating to industrial and employment law criminal issues and is also active in the political space where it defends elected officials in headline cases. Its diverse caseload also extends to tax evasion cases. Jean Veil is the key name in the firm, while Georges JourdeEmmanuel Rosenfeld, Pierre-François Veil and François Esclatine also contribute. The team also includes Gaspard Lundwall, who was promoted to the partnership in 2022.

Responsables de la pratique:

Jean Veil; Georges Jourde; Emmanuel Rosenfeld; Pierre François Veil; François Esclatine; Gaspard Lundwall

Les références

‘Very available and responsive team, technical excellence which makes the difference: high quality strategic advice, a realistic and pragmatic vision of the legal, economic and political issues.’

‘The team is extremely available.’

Principaux clients


SNCF Réseau


Société Générale



Didier Lombard

Kim Kardashian

April Benayoum

Dirigeants d’entreprises et de banques

Visconti & Grundler

White-collar criminal law and stock market litigation boutique Visconti & Grundler attracts prominent cases and frequently defends individuals including CEOs and executives of leading French and international companies facing criminal charges. It acts in several of the market’s most high-profile cases in relation to allegations of international corruption, tax fraud and money laundering. The practice also defended an executive of a prominent internet services platform in a high-stakes employment criminal law case. The practice is led by Benjamin Grundler and  Julien Visconti. Counsel Dorothée Hever also contributes.

Responsables de la pratique:

Benjamin Grundler; Julien Visconti

Autres avocats clés:

Dorothée Hever

Principaux clients

Former Executive of Deliveroo


Sonia Artinian (former top Executive of Lafarge)

Rifaat Al Assad (former Vice President of Syria)

Former CEO of McDonald’s France

Former top Executive of Technip

Former VP of Alstom Transport

Samih Jammal

CIAM (hedge fund)

Principaux dossiers

  • Acting for a former senior top executive of Lafarge in the context of ongoing criminal investigations opened in France.
  • Acting for the former CEO of McDonald’s France in a tax fraud case opened by the Parquet National Financier.
  • Acting for a former executive of Deliveroo who was prosecuted alongside the company for concealed work.

White & Case LLP

White & Case LLP is able to combine strong white-collar criminal law and compliance capabilities with a global network. The Paris team has a strong presence acting for leading French banks, particularly in relation to fraud committed by employees or other parties or cyberattacks. The team also defends large French and international companies, corporate executives and individuals. It is acting in several high-profile ongoing tax fraud and money laundering investigations. The practice also handles corporate and commercial related criminal law cases and assists clients facing regulatory investigations, particularly by the French stock market authority. Jean-Pierre Picca and Jean-Lou Salha are the practice heads. Former practice head Ludovic Malgrain left the firm at the end of 2022.

Responsables de la pratique:

Jean-Pierre Picca; Jean-Lou Salha

Principaux clients


BNP Paribas Group

Crédit Agricole Group

Bouygues Telecom




Doris Engineering


Principaux dossiers

  • Advised a director of McDonald’s France in the context of tax fraud investigations.
  • Assisting the CEO of Doris Engineering in the context of criminal investigations led by the Department of Justice in the United States relating to allegations of bribery in Angola.
  • Advising BNP Paribas in a criminal investigation looking into allegations of organised fraud, forgery and breach of trust and money laundering.

ALDÉBARAN société d’avocats

ALDÉBARAN société d’avocats

Responsables de la pratique:

Marion Lambert-Barret; Fanny Rocaboy

Autres avocats clés:

Isaac Arnoud

Les références

‘Great expertise, availability, adaptability and inventiveness from Marion Lambert-Barret.’

‘Marion Lambert-Barret and her collaborator Isaac Arnoud know very quickly how to immerse themselves in very technical and very voluminous files to advise clients as well as possible.’

Principaux clients

Société Générale

Areva SA

Cofidis SA

Contitrade France


Thierry Solère

Fabien Sfez

Principaux dossiers

  • Defence of Areva, indicted for unintentional injury in connection with the hostage-taking by AQMI in Niger of several of Areva and Vinci’s employees on an Areva mining site, in September 2010.
  • Representing Areva and Framatome before the criminal court in connection to an accident which occurred on a nuclear power plant.
  • Representing Mr Thierry Solère, a politician and former member of the Parliament, indicted on the grounds of peddling, tax fraud, illicit financing of electoral campaigns, and concealment.

Baro Alto

Responsables de la pratique:

Caroline Joly; Géraldine Brasier Porterie; Pierrick Jupile-Boisverd

Les références

‘The firm is able to define and apply effective legal strategies in order to obtain a decisive result.’

‘Caroline Joly – pugnacious in addition to a perfect mastery of the law that can be mobilized in a context of legal uncertainty. Her availability is also very valuable.’

‘The team is perfectly attentive and does everything to enlighten, support and advise as well as possible. The team is very responsive to emails, the way of communicating suits me very well.’

‘Caroline Joly defends my position extremely well with determination and sensitivity.’

‘Caroline Joly is an excellent practitioner. She has a sound judgement and listens to clients’ needs. With her team, she is able to analyze and assess things in detail, finding solutions when those are possible or clearly explaining when there is a dead-end (for instance for compliance reasons).

‘The services given by Baro Alto are high quality and at a good price.’

‘I work directly with Caroline Joly who is an excellent and available practitioner. She knows the details of a file and is involved. She is also well connected.’


Chatain & Associés

Responsables de la pratique:

Camille Potier; Antoine Chatain

Coat Haut de Sigy de Roux

Responsables de la pratique:

Julian Christen Coat; Claire de Haut de Sigy; Louis Marie de Roux

Les références

‘The team is responsive, the work is always of high quality regardless of the number of files transmitted.’

‘We appreciate Claire de Haut de Sigy’s perspective on difficult cases, her ability to analyze, and finally the clarity of her explanations.’

‘A firm of specialists, available and responsive. They are pro-active and force proposals on all their files.’

Principaux clients

Mr. Habib Cissé


Crédit Agricole (Group)

Crédit Lyonnais

BNP Paribas (Group)

Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB

France TV

Mr Thomas Nielsen

Debevoise & Plimpton LLP

Responsables de la pratique:

Alexandre Bisch; Aymeric Dumoulin

Autres avocats clés:

Antoine Kirry

Les références

‘Organization down to the millimeter with ultra-transparent invoicing and perfect task allocation. We appreciate the responsible dimension of seniors both in their knowledge of cases and in the management of their teams.’

‘Alexandre Bisch is particularly close to his files and knows them by heart. We appreciate his ability to take a step back with the key to tailor-made solutions. We appreciate the fact that we are not given “recycled” solutions’.

‘The Debevoise team is exceptionally rigorous in business criminal law. No aspect of a dispute is ignored or treated as an afterthought. It also has a real sense of teamwork which gives great efficiency.’

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing an executive of a global company in an investigation and parallel court proceedings for alleged financial misconduct.
  • Advising a global company as the victim of a financial fraud in connection with multi-jurisdictional police and internal investigations.
  • Advising a global company in connection with sanctions against Russia.

Delsol Avocats

Responsables de la pratique:

Thomas Amico; Alexis Chabert

Les références

‘I appreciate the dynamism and the reactivity as well as the personal quality of the team.’

‘Great mastery of the file and with real responsiveness’

‘A highly conscientious team which genuinely cares about achieving the best for us. Though the team is clearly exceptionally busy, they continue to make us feel valued as a client and have delivered excellent results. Indeed, achieving the best and sometimes unexpected outcomes for our contentious matters is really what differentiates the team led by Mr. Amico.’

‘Thomas Amico possesses technical expertise that is rare and seldom found. What sets him apart from the competition is that he wins cases. With an excellent sense of humour, he has diffused many tense situations with his engaging and pragmatic working style. A true partner in all our legal matters.’

‘Thomas Amico has been able to adapt to our specificities and offer concrete, pragmatic solutions adapted to the small size of the structures but above all to our needs. He is very attentive and he has also shown great professionalism which has given our managers confidence on the subjects dealt with. The work produced is of high quality and the deadlines perfectly met.’

‘Thomas Amico is very charismatic and shows impressive eloquence. These qualities are essential on matters of corruption, for example.’

‘Transparency, passion and involvement.’

‘The firm offers a pragmatic approach to problems and focuses on realistic action plans in the short and medium term. Fees are transparent and predictable.’

Principaux clients

Abdullah AL MALKI


Principaux dossiers

  • Assistance to a Qatari national now residing in Europe under refugee status.
  • Assistance to a former Senator in two proceedings.

Farthouat Avocats

Responsables de la pratique:

Nicolas Boulay; Nicolas Cassart; Christophe Llorca; Laurence Marot

Les références

‘The firm is very responsive and attentive to the problems of clients. Very pragmatic advice.’

‘Nicolas Boulay is a high-quality interlocutor, on whom you can always count for sound advice in all circumstances, even in times of crisis, it is a pleasure to work as a team with him.’

‘Nicolas Boulay and his team have a remarkable strategic vision of complex cases which is based on technical excellence in business criminal law but also on real competence in business law.’

Le 16 Law

Responsables de la pratique:

Samuel Sauphanor

Principaux clients

Antom Patrimoine’s French investors

LPA-CGR avocats

Responsables de la pratique:

Alexandre de Konn

Les références

‘Alexandre de Konn is a very good criminal lawyer, attentive to his clients, very available and pragmatic.’

‘The team is very available and provides relevant advice.’

‘Alexandre de Konn stands out for his great availability, pedagogy and ability to bring serenity to the management of cases, such as his knowledge of the internal workings of justice and his ability to collect information in the context of legislative changes.’

‘A very involved and technical team.’

‘Alexandre de Konn is available, has a very good knowledge of the real estate and construction sectors, and pleads in an extremely clear, technical and relevant manner.’

Principaux clients





Principaux dossiers

  • Successfully defending ArcelorMittal which was acquitted before the Metz Court of Appeal in a case concerning allegations of pollution.
  • Defending a politician, Sébastien Pietrasanta, in numerous criminal proceedings for breaches of probity.
  • Defending the real estate subsidiary of Crédit Agricole.

Nério Avocats

Nério Avocats

Responsables de la pratique:

Eric Deprez; Alain Salgado

Les références

‘Responsiveness, availability, expertise and great value for money.’

‘Great experience in particular in the industrial criminal law field. The team is very accessible and available.’

‘Alain Salgado has a great ability to handle crisis management situations. He is pro-active.’

Principaux clients

Jean-Michel Ropert (former CFO of Wendel Investissements)


Vinci Construction

Principaux dossiers

  • Defending one of Wendel Investissements managers (Jean-Michel Ropert) in a tax fraud case.
  • Advising  construction company Entreprise Petit and one of its employees in a private corruption case involving the private investment fund of a Gulf royal family.
  • Defending gas company GRDF following a gas explosion that happened on rue de Trévise in Paris.

Obadia Stasi & Avocats

Obadia Stasi & Avocats

Responsables de la pratique:

Mario-Pierre Stasi; Sophie Obadia

Les références

‘Great availability and listening skills. Good experience.’

‘Each member of the team is extremely competent.’

‘Meticulous, strong legal knowledge, reasonable fees, reactive.’

Principaux clients




BAGUET Pierre Christophe

LEVY Sophie

TAZI Karim

FRIC Olivier

Compagnie européenne du Crédit



Principaux dossiers

  • Defending a former member of the European Union Parliament Robert ROCHERFORT who was prosecuted for alleged misappropriation of public funds.
  • Defending Benin’s former Minister of Justice Reckya MADOUGOU who was arrested, incarcerated, and is currently being prosecuted before a special criminal court, CRIET, on charges of criminal conspiracy and terrorism.
  • Defending MERCK in the Levothyrox case.

Osborne Clarke

Osborne Clarke

Responsables de la pratique:

Lucie Mongin-Archambeaud

Les références

‘Osborne Clarke is my “go to firm”, and they well deserve to be. Their team works seamlessly as a whole: a true pleasure to work with them.’

‘Lucie Mongin-Archimbaud is a young partner with the tact and experience of somebody twice her age. Very mature and pertinent, she’s the kind of attorney you’d want by your side whilst going through challenging times’.

Principaux clients


Principaux dossiers

  • Assisting one of the top managers of Orange (former France Telecom) during the trial of the top-management team of France Telecom in France for moral harassment.

Paul Hastings LLP

Responsables de la pratique:

Philippe Bouchez El Ghozi


Responsables de la pratique:

Emmanuel Gouesse; Stéphane Lataste

Les références

‘Brilliant expertise in criminal law and in particular criminal labor law.’

‘Great expertise and very good knowledge of their profession, the jurisdictions and their approach’.

‘Great expertise, responsiveness, availability and formidable workforce – the firm was able to mobilize to examine, analyze, synthesize and exploit an extremely voluminous investigation file, all in record time which enabled our own teams to prepare their defense perfectly. The auditions were extremely well prepared.’

Seattle Avocats

Responsables de la pratique:

Emmanuel Tordjman; François de Cambiaire; Maud Touitou

Les références

‘Good responsiveness, pragmatism and care.’

‘Attention and follow-up of files.’

Principaux clients






















MEDIAPART (Mrs Bredoux and Mr Plenel )

MEDIAPART (Yann Philippin)

Principaux dossiers

  • Represented the interests of EDF as a civil claimant in the “Mallay” corruption case.
  • Represented CDE, a former European Institution in charge of financing development projects abroad, in proceedings against its former director for corruption charges.

Seban & Associés

Responsables de la pratique:

Didier Seban; Matthieu Hénon

Principaux clients


Société du Grand Paris

Grand Port de Marseille

Grand port fluvio-maritime HAROPA

Institut National de Recherche Archéologique preventive (INRAP)

Voies Navigables de France

Agence Nationale de Rénovation urbaine (ANRU)

Agence Nationale pour l’Amélioration de l’Habitat (ANAH)

Institut de Radioprotection et de sûreté nucléaire (IRSN)

Direction Générale de l’aviation civile (DGAC)

Union sociale pour l’habitat (USH)

Principaux dossiers

  • Representing Département des Bouches du Rhône in the Guérini case.
  • Representing Mrs Martine Aubry in the  IT hacking Ulcan case.
  • Representing Grand Port fluviomaritime HAROPA following a drowning accident.

TALMA Dispute Resolution

TALMA Dispute Resolution

Responsables de la pratique:

Aloïs Blin; Martin Pradel

Les références

‘Competent, agile and reactive.’

‘Martin Pradel has a rare experience, combining criminal, civil and arbitration proceedings expertise, in France and in Africa. He has a very good contact with judges.’

Principaux clients

Yves Detraigne (senator)

Victims of the Beirut port explosion

Razel Bec

National Council of French Bars

Méthode Sindayigaya

Chebeya Bazana families

David Thompson

Teham family

Principaux dossiers

  • Defending a businessman involved in the alleged Libyan financing of the former President Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential campaign.
  • Assisting a major French Sport Federation in a trial concerning corruption and misuse of assets accusations.
  • Defending executives of a leading agri-food and its African subsidiary in the context of an internal investigation and current judicial investigations for crimes against humanity.

Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP

Responsables de la pratique:

Grégoire Bertrou; Dominique Mondoloni

Principaux clients

SCAEL (Société Coopérative d’Eure et Loir)

Air France / Air France KLM