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WAN Avocats is well known for its copyright expertise in issues faced by authors.

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Media and entertainment: Book publishers in France

Pierrat & Associés

Pierrat & Associés is the trusted advisor to numerous publishing houses, libraries, and authors, assisting them with copyright protection, contract negotiation, and defamation proceedings. As an author and a literary agent himself, Emmanuel Pierrat understands the publishing world from an insider’s perspective. Sophie Viaris de Lesegno left the firm in January 2022.

Responsables de la pratique:

Emmanuel Pierrat

Principaux clients

Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson

IMEC (Institut Mémoire de l’Edition Contemporaine)


Boutique firm VARET PRÈS KILLY is a go-to firm for book publishers in France. With a strong background in copyright and trademarks, practice heads Vincent Varet and Xavier Près are adept at handling all manner of contentious and non-contentious work from book publishers. Both partners hold a doctorate of law and a postgraduate diploma in literary, artistic, and industrial property and are certified specialists in intellectual property, particularly within creative industries.

Responsables de la pratique:

Vincent Varet; Xavier Près

Vercken & Gaullier

Vercken & Gaullier assist notable book publishers with copyright matters, pre-litigation and litigation issues, as well as with contract negotiations. The firm is retained for its expertise in copyright infringement, unfair competition and parasitic behaviour proceedings. It has also built expertise in the legal framework for the digitalisation of books. Co-founders Florence Gaullier and Gilles Vercken lead the practice together with Edouard Mille.

Responsables de la pratique:

Gilles Vercken; Florence Gaullier; Edouard Mille

Principaux clients

Hachette Livre



Elsevier Masson

Syndicat National de l’Edition (SNE)

Ankama Editions


Principaux dossiers

  • Assisting Hachette Livre with various copyright matters, prelitigation and litigation issues, as well as with contract negotiations.
  • Carried out an important audit for a major press and book publisher, involving an audit of the client’s processes across different entities and publications, and an assessment of its structures and contractual practices.
  • Reviewed and updated all of the publishing contracts of a major legal book publisher.