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Clinical negligence: claimant in North West

Irwin Mitchell

Irwin Mitchell is described as 'the premier claimant firm in the north west, especially for high value and complex claims' involving birth trauma and spinal cord injuries. 'Clever, conscientious and highly effective litigator' Kristofer Inskip is the new practice head having joined the firm in July 2018 from Hilary Meredith Solicitors. Other key figures include Lindsay Wise, Jennifer Cawthorne and Mark Havenhand, while senior associate Dina Lambourne is also recommended.

Responsables de la pratique:

Kristofer Inskip

Les références

In-depth experience and access to huge resources for their clients’ benefit. Their involvement in high-profile cases has resulted in the acquisition under one roof of expertise second to none. Clients love them.

Sarah Sharples is as good as any partner. Extremely professional and caring when advising on a difficult situation. She skilfully handled media interest as well and the case itself. Sarah had a good deal of empathy and technical ability. She was proactive in driving the case forward and achieving a settlement which exceeded our expectations. 

I have always found working with Irwin Mitchell a pleasure. The solicitors and the administrative staff are extremely professional.’

A very strong team mixing experienced practitioners of great ability with younger members who are diligent and committed.

Jennifer Cawthorne has very good client handling skills, very sound judgement, and a steadfast commitment to her clients’ causes. Mark Havenhand is an excellent and confident lawyer. Dina Lambourne shows 100% commitment to her clients.

You know with Irwin Mitchell that everything will always be well prepared.

Principaux dossiers

  • Advised on a case involving an overdose/mismanagement of insulin resulting in brain injury.
  • Advised on a case involving failure to undertake wound debridement leading to below knee amputation.
  • Advised on a spinal injury case following delay over diagnosis of an epidural haematoma following surgery.
  • Advised on a ophthalmic claim arising out of negligent mismanagement.
  • Advised on a clinical negligence claim arising out of a delay to diagnose and treat a colloid cyst.

JMW Solicitors LLP

JMW Solicitors LLP 'provides an excellent service in the north west, with a national reach in claimant clinical negligence work'. Eddie Jones leads the department, which is well-renowned for its expertise in settling high-value and contentious brain injury and spinal injury cases defended by the NHS, in particular those involving kernicterus brain injury and caudal equine syndrome spinal injury. Angharad Hughes 'is determined, efficient and tactically astute', while Sally Leonards and senior associate Steven Brown are also highly rated.

Responsables de la pratique:

Eddie Jones

Les références

‘The JMW team are unique in the way they communicate, they are all very approachable and will explain and put you at ease with every task that is undertaken. The team are very good at keeping you informed with every process so there is full understanding of legal process. They are extremely diligent in any task and quick respond to any event. They do a sterling job and I could not sing their praises high enough. I would recommend JMW Solicitors to anyone in need of their expertise as they are second to none.

Eddie Jones is a genuinely caring individual who is very efficient and knowledgeable in the machinery of the legal process. His attention to detail is outstanding, he is quick to respond and is punctual in everything from a phone call to paperwork and meetings. This man is a shining star for JMW and I can think of nothing worthy of criticism.

The team is highly organised and takes a manageable work load such that they are easily contactable when required. I found their manner is very polite and sincere and they are very approachable.

Angharad Hughes is an impressive clinical negligence lawyer handling high value claims. Her strength is in the preparation she puts into cases. She is good with clients and with counsel.

JMW acted with professionalism at all time, no question was left unanswered, their knowledge on the subject was second to none, they knew all the best experts to help with the case and whenever we hit a stumbling block they resolved issues quickly and satisfactorily.

There are a number of highly capable and highly competent clinical negligence solicitors who provide a dedicated and professional service.’

I would particularly single out Angharad Hughes. She is determined, efficient and tactically astute. She looks after her clients well and works hard to achieve excellent results for them.

Principaux dossiers

  • Represented a client in a £25m compensation birth injury cerebral palsy claim against a hospital.
  • Led on a £22.3m compensation claim for an 11-year-old girl with severe cerebral palsy due to birth errors.
  • Led on a £21.9m compensation claim for a boy with cerebral palsy caused by maternity failures to provide the lifelong specialist care he requires.
  • Advised on a £22.1m compensation claim for a girl with severe cerebral palsy due to maternity failures.
  • Handled a £18m compensation claim on behalf of a girl with severe cerebral palsy due to maternity errors.  

Leigh Day

Leigh Day has 'an excellent clinical negligence team with a growing Manchester presence'. Stephen Jones is 'a hugely knowledgeable and able leader of the Manchester office', and works in tandem with Brendan Hope  - a 'force to be reckoned with'. The team, which was recently boosted by the arrival of new associate Lauren Tully from Slater and Gordon, has substantial experience of high-value and complex cases including cerebral palsy, brain and spinal injuries a well as amputations.

Responsables de la pratique:

Stephen Jones

Autres avocats clés:

Brendan Hope; Lauren Tully; Stephen Clarkson

Les références

Utterly reliable in dealing with complex claims, The partners have very wide experience of medicolegal matters, and no stone is left unturned in trying to understand the full facts of a claim. The firm is very responsive, the solicitors easily available for discussion.’

Stephen Jones is very quick to understand complex medical issues – he checks out and follows up on the smallest of points, like a terrier for seeking out all the facts. He is  very sharp, very thorough and ensures every aspect of the case is thought about carefully – he is liked by clients as he is thoughtful and caring about their situations.

Brendan Hope deals with issues quickly and easily gets to grips with clinical detail. Astute and very thorough.

Stephen Jones is the consummate professional and has superb knowledge and experience which enables him to offer accurate and sensible advice.

Stephen Jones is the best clinical negligence solicitor I know currently in the North West. He makes things happen in difficult cases.’

The team is led by two of the leading claimant clinical negligence practitioners in Stephen Jones and Brendan Hope. True experts and really nice people to boot

Stephen Jones is tough but fair. I have utmost respect for the way he advocates for his clients with overstepping the mark.’

Brendan Hope knows his stuff, having practised in this area for years – he is firm but fair.

Brendan Hope is very impressive. He knows your file like the back of his hand and clearly cares about you as a client. He has excellent knowledge of both the legal and medical issues involved in a claim and is a force to be reckoned with. He is a first-class tactician.

Principaux dossiers

  • Represented a client in a £5m+ cerebral palsy claim.
  • Represented parents of a child at the inquest into his death, establishing that his was a neonatal death rather than a stillbirth and obtaining a conclusion that the death was due to neglect.
  • Represented client at inquest into his wife’s death, enabling the family to show that there had been negligence in care.  

Potter Rees Dolan

Potter Rees Dolan has a 'superb clinical team' under the leadership of 'redoubtable' name partner Helen Dolan. The group is recognised for its  specialism in complex brain and spinal injury cases as well as surgical injuries, failure to diagnose cases and injuries requiring amputation. Lesley Herbertson  and Gill Edwards were promoted to partner in March 2018, while senior solicitor Helen Budge joined from Slater & Gordon in May 2018.

Responsables de la pratique:

Helen Dolan

Les références

Helen Dolan is a redoubtable litigator with enormous experience.’

‘Gill Edwards is a wonderful solicitor who I would be pleased to have represent me. She is lovely with clients and committed to her clients.

Helen Budge and Hannah Bottomley are approachable, supportive, thorough and extremely knowledgeable. They are also happy to listen to our suggestions and together we have an excellent plan in place.


Principaux dossiers

  • Represented a client who suffers with cerebral palsy, in settlement of £20m after suffering a brain injury due to technical difficulties during unrelated surgery as a new born baby.
  • Represented a client in settlement of £15m after suffering a brain injury due to a delay in delivery at birth.
  • Represented a client in settlement of £10.6m after there was a delay in performing a caesarean section, causing her to suffer a brain injury due to the lack of oxygen.
  • Representing a client in a case of clinical negligence after there was a delay in diagnosing baby boy with meningitis, resulting in brain damage.
  • Advised on a case involving a pregnant woman who suffered a cardiac arrest sustaining a brain injury due to a delay in commencing CPR.

Slater and Gordon

'Conscientious' and 'experienced' litigator Julia Bridges is the new head of medical negligence in Slater and Gordon's Manchester office, having joined in 2018 from Linder Myers following a number of departures from the team. The practice advises on cases encompassing all areas of clinical negligence, with standout expertise in relation to coroner's inquests and human rights cases, including the application of Article 2 of the Human Rights Act.

Responsables de la pratique:

Julia Bridges

Les références

‘Julia Bridges is an experienced litigator. Sarah Jones is a very good litigator and would make a great addition to any clinical negligence team.’

‘Julia Bridges and Sarah Sedge are conscientious and committed solicitors.’

‘Joe Ely is impressive, with a sensitive approach to the client and an impressive ability to handle evidence.’

‘Sarah Sedge is careful, understated and effective.’

‘Sarah Jones is learning fast and one to look out for.’

‘Joe Eley was my solicitor throughout my claim and I simply don’t know what I would have done without him. Not only the settlement he secured for myself was substantial and changed my life, as due to the medical negligence I am very disabled now, but I know without his support I simply would have given up. Joe is the most professional, thoughtful, understanding solicitor I could ever wish for. I cannot recommend him highly enough.’

Principaux dossiers

  • Advised on an Article 2 inquest and clinical negligence fatality.
  • Successfully represented the claimant at a trial on liability in June 2018 for a claim against Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust alleging negligent delay in treating a stress fracture of the right femur
  • Advised on a claim which concerned a failure to diagnose post-partum SIRS/sepsis, leading to death of female.

Stephensons Solicitors LLP

Stephensons Solicitors LLP is known for its specialist expertise in birth and brain injury cases, especially cerebral palsy and Erb's palsy, as well as amputation and medical negligence misdiagnosis, acting for claimants nationwide. Judith Thomas-Whittingham, who is recognised by the Law Society's Clinical Accreditation Scheme, leads the team. Claire Stockley's expertise, in addition to high value brain and birth injury claims, lies in amputation and spinal injury. Tom Mooney deals with claimant clinical negligence cases and professional negligence by solicitors. Laura Sheehan was made partner in May 2018.

Responsables de la pratique:

Louise Griffiths; Judith Thomas-Whittingham

Addies Solicitors

The 'committed, determined and sympathetic' Diane Rostron leads Addies Solicitors' clinical negligence team, which specialises in complex catastrophic birth injuries. Rostron- 'the powerhouse behind a small team' - is known for her strong track record in securing multimillion-pound settlements. Leanne Devine , who joined the firm as solicitor in January 2018 from Linder Myers, has experience of representing clients at inquests.

Responsables de la pratique:

Diane Rostron

Autres avocats clés:

Leanne Devine

Les références

Diane Rostron’s dedicated support and personal commitment to clients and their families makes her stand out from others in the field. She is the most committed and compassionate of solicitors that I have come across in dealings with in excess of 50 UK and worldwide law firms.

What always strikes me is how well-informed each individual is about every single case (of which they have many) and how each of them brings a different skill to the table. Diane is vastly experienced and there is no trick that she hasn’t written the book on. She is passing this onto the rest of her team and they get stronger each year. One particular strength is the incredibly resourceful in-house medical consultant, who works on each and every case, providing extremely useful insight into the medicine. It would not have been possible for me to prepare so thoroughly for cons, inquests and trials without the benefit of his very considerable expertise; enormous credit must go to Diane for tapping into such a rich vein of knowledge.

Excellent communications and exceptional pastoral care for clients.

Diane Rostron is knowledgeable, committed, determined, but above all a sympathetic advocate who will pick up clients whose cases have been abandoned by other solicitors as being too difficult. She is ferocious in the pursuit of justice for damaged individuals.

Butcher & Barlow LLP

Butcher & Barlow LLP is 'able to combine local knowledge with the resources of a large firm through its series of offices' across the north west. Anthony Higham leads the team, which handles a diverse and complex clinical negligence caseload including birth injuries, cosmetic surgery claims, pregnancy and gynaecology injuries as well as surgical compensation claims. Adam Shawcross, who goes 'above and beyond', Samuel Dale and Andrew Mackenzie were all promoted to partner in May 2018.

Responsables de la pratique:

Anthony Higham

Autres avocats clés:

Gregory Porter; Adam Shawcross; Samuel Dale

Les références

‘Within the claimant market they are able to be very hands on with their clients, being able to see them face-to-face on short notice.

Managing partner Anthony Higham is extremely experienced, an excellent negotiator and practically minded as well as being very bright.’

‘Andrew MacKenzie, Adam Shawcross and Samuel Dale all bring an excellent mixture of intellectual ability with the same down-to-earth approach to dealing with clients and their claims which generally produces well-run, successful and well-managed claims.

I can’t praise Anthony Higham and Adam Shawcross highly enough for the way they dealt with my case on a professional level, but at the same time showing empathy and compassion for the traumatic experience myself and my family were going through.

Principaux dossiers

  • Advised on a claim against the Christie NHS Trust following negligence elected surgery.
  • Representing the  claimant in a claim against Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust in relation to failed carpal tunnel surgery.
  • Representing the claimant in a claim against her mother’s GP for failing to notify her that she was a carrier of Menkes disease.
  • Representing the claimant in a high value claim against East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust following alleged negligent orthopaedic surgery.
  • Representing a  claimant in a high value claim against Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust following brain injury during childbirth.

Express Solicitors Ltd

Express Solicitors Ltd has an 'in-depth understanding of medical negligence issues', fielding a team led by 'outstanding all-rounder' Ben Gent. The department has substantial experience of emotionally challenging clinical negligence cases on behalf of clients and their families. Anna Hansen is particularly adept in dealing with cases concerning mistakes made during surgery, delay in diagnosis and treatment as well as preventable amputations. One of the firm's specialities lies in obtaining interim payments in order for clients to begin their rehabilitation process as early as possible.

Responsables de la pratique:

Ben Gent

Autres avocats clés:

Anna Hansen

Les références

Thorough case preparation and persistent advocacy on behalf of their clients.

The team led by Ben Gent are a very friendly and personable team, but are heavyweight performers in the field of clinical negligence.

Ben and his team are extremely knowledgeable, work efficiently and produce fantastic results for clients. Counsel is always provided with the clearest of instructions on specific issues to be addressed.

Intelligent, hard-working and personable. An excellent firm which compares well with its competitors in this busy field.

Ben Gent is one of the brightest and shrewdest claimant clinical negligence solicitors. Anna Pearson is well-informed and a pleasure to work with.

Ben Gent combines rigour with compassion and attention to detail with a talent for strategy – an outstanding all-rounder.

A small but excellent team bringing sensitivity and professionalism to clients who are often badly injured and distressed by the way that medical professionals have dealt with them.

‘Ben Gent is a very good lawyer and sound tactician – he is excellent with clients.’

‘Anna Hansen – a tenacious fighter who brings sound judgement to her cases.’

Principaux dossiers

  • Represented a child in a £23m settlement who developed cerebral palsy after hospital staff missed signs of distress during his mother’s labour
  • Represented a 30-year-old woman with misdiagnosed cervical cancer.
  • Representing a 40-year-old woman who suffered complex neurological injuries following a cerebellar infarct.
  • Represented a lady with misdiagnosed lung cancer.
  • Represented a 23-year-old man who lost vision his in one eye due to negligent treatment.


The 'extremely clever and knowledgeable' Jenny Urwin and the 'warm, empathetic' Lindsay Holt both joined the fast-growing team at Fieldfisher from Slater and Gordon during 2018, and have since been joined by their former colleagues Claire Horton and Julia Hamilton. The team primarily handles complex, high-value claims, regularly securing multimillion-pound settlements.

Responsables de la pratique:

Jenny Urwin

Autres avocats clés:

Lindsay Holt; Claire Horton; Julia Hamilton

Les références

‘The Manchester office of Fieldfisher has some excellent lawyers who provide a thoroughly professional service to their clients, work hard for them, and achieve excellent results. I would rank them as probably the best clinical negligence claimant firm in the north west.’

‘Jenny Urwin, who is tactically astute, tough, efficient and highly professional. Her clients are immensely loyal to her.’

‘Jenny Urwin is building an impressive team of experienced clinical negligence litigators including Julia Hamilton and Claire Horton. The team promises to make Fieldfisher one of the leading clinical negligence firms in the North of England.’

‘Fieldfisher are a high quality firm who prepare clinical negligence claims exceptionally well. The Manchester team has grown recently by recruiting excellent talent from rival firms.’

‘Jenny Urwin is extremely knowledgeable about the law and practice of clinical negligence. She knows which experts to use, and how to run a case.’

‘Julia Hamilton has considerable experience for her age and is first rate with clients, particularly in complex cases.’

‘Lindsay Holt is very experienced, gets on with clients well and is realistic in managing their expectations. She is utterly professional and secures very good outcomes as a result.’

‘Lindsay Holt is a warm, empathetic lawyer who is highly efficient and competent and an absolute joy to work with.’

Principaux dossiers

  • Represented an adult claimant in a £3.4m claim for clinical negligence after a negligent failure to diagnose and treat a brain haemorrhage resulting in an acquired brain injury.
  • Representing the claimant in a claim for damages arising out of negligent mismanagement of her delivery, leading to cerebral palsy.
  • Advised on a case involving a client who was not offered appropriate treatment options before proceeding to angioplasty, leading to nerve injury and chronic pain.
  • Secured a £7.25m settlement for negligent medical treatment provided to the claimants resulting in the wrongful birth of their child with severe congenital brain condition.
  • Secured a full admission in a claim estimated to be worth more than £6m for a child with severe cerebral palsy resulting from negligent medical management of her birth.

Fletchers Solicitors

Fletchers Solicitors' large team which serves a national client base from its north west heartlands, is divided into two parts. Mark Tempest, whose specialisms include acquired brain injury, spinal injury, complex birth injuries and Erb's Palsy, leads the firm's medical negligence serious injuries team, while Georgia Briscoe is in charge of the clinical negligence department. Associate Kate Lozynska is 'thorough' and 'leaves no stone unturned.'

Responsables de la pratique:

Mark Tempest; Peter Rigby; Alison Flaherty; Bob Coupland

Autres avocats clés:

Georgia Briscoe

Les références

A well run firm with a coordinated approach.

‘Cases are investigated head to toe to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Ian Clifton is an up-and-coming talent with an eye for detail and great client care.’

This is a knowledgeable team, which is driven to deliver the best service possible.’

Iain Dodd is a solid, safe pair of hands with a down-to-earth manner. He is capable of handling truly high value litigation.

Fletchers have built a very strong clinical negligence practice relatively quickly. They have recruited good people and have good internal systems for managing complex and high value work. They deal with cases efficiently and sensibly – focusing on the key strengths of a claim and dealing head on with weaknesses.

Michael Gray is an excellent litigator. He has a keen understanding of what is required to lay the foundation for a successful claim and wastes no time in pulling those threads together. He is also very popular with lay clients.

Iain Dodd is also well received by clients. He is compassionate and kind whilst maintaining the utmost professionalism and dealing with very sensitive issues. He is pragmatic and knowledgeable. He is a strong negotiator and always prepared to fight for a good result for his lay clients.

Principaux dossiers

  • Represented a  client who suffered a perforated bowel and is at increased risk of suffering small bowel obstruction. Damages secured by Fletchers will allow the claimant to deal with any residual symptoms and address her care needs on a private basis.
  • Advised on a claim by a 37-year-old man who received £45,000 for the delay in diagnosing and providing medication for his ankylosing spondylitis between October 2010 and April 2014.

The Roland Partnership

Nina Roland, who 'is very experienced in claimant clinical negligence work', heads up The Roland Partnership, which deals with a broad range of claims, including those at the lower end of the spectrum up to multimillion-pound maximum severity cases. The team handles matters concerning serious brain injury, serious birth injuries, including cerebral palsy, delays in diagnosing cancer, hospital acquired infections, amputations, gynaecological and urological injuries as well as serious orthopaedic and other injuries arising out of negligence.

Responsables de la pratique:

Nina Roland

Les références

The firm has a skilled team of dedicated experienced lawyers. It takes on the most complex cases that other firms turn down, yet manages to secure successful outcomes and life-changing awards of damages for its seriously injured clients.

Nina Roland has an excellent rapport with her clients and is sensitive to their needs and concerns. Her judgement is second to none. She is astute and highly analytical; seeing the big picture in what is a complex area.’

Forbes Solicitors

Forbes Solicitors is praised for its 'great experience in clinical negligence work', drawing on 'decades of know how'. Practice head Peter Dugdale has a particular focus on serious birth brain injury claims, as well as a wide experience of other serious injury claims. John Bennett also specialises in a wide range of clinical negligence work including birth injury cases as well as other serious injury matters.

Responsables de la pratique:

Peter Dugdale; John Bennett

Autres avocats clés:

Sara Linford

Les références

Forbes’ clinical negligence team is efficient, approachable, and down to earth in its advice and its litigation style. Its members work hard to achieve the best outcomes for their clients, achieving some outstanding results through settlement and trial.

John Bennett is very switched on. A cool head in a dispute with a great knowledge of procedure and the courts. Gets great outcomes for clients.

They have access to a great selection of experienced experts which gives them the edge over many defendants. They are not afraid of a fight in court if it is necessary.’

Principaux dossiers

  • Acted for the claimant in the mismanagement of his bowel obstruction leading to death, where no other significant co-morbidities.
  • Represented bereaved husband on death of his wife.

Jobling Gowler Solicitors

Jobling Gowler Solicitors handles a broad spread of work including birth injury and cerebral palsy claims, as well as brain and spinal injury cases. Other areas of expertise includes delays in diagnosis of cancer, misdiagnosis and amputation cases. Practice head Gill Peate benefits from 'medical knowledge from a previous career as a nurse', while name partner Simon Gowler 'gives down-to-earth advice with a light touch' and has particular expertise in Cauda Equina cases. The team has been strengthened in recent months by number of new hires, including Louise Wilcox, who has expertise in handling cases centred around fatalities and serious brain injuries.

Responsables de la pratique:

Gill Peate

Autres avocats clés:

Simon Gowler; Louise Wilcox

Les références

The firm’s uniqueness is that clients tend to be dealt with at partner level, by experienced knowledgeable practitioners who provide realistic advice.

‘Simon Gowler is experienced, measured and gives down to earth advice with a light touch.’

Gill Peate is experienced and has a good eye for the outcome of a case.’

Louise Wilcox is a real fighter who gets stuck in and is not afraid of a difficult case.

Unquestionable professionalism and extensive experience in their field. Help, advice and support is always available. Unrivalled level of care demonstrated.

‘An exceptional level of care and understanding.

‘Louise Wilcox contributed to making my case the least traumatic that it could possibly be due to her professionalism, knowledge and empathy. I am unsure I could have embarked on this journey with any other solicitor.’

Local and personal for those wanting to avoid the high rise city centre firms but obtain similar quality.

Principaux dossiers

  • Successfully pursued and settled a cerebral palsy claim in excess of £28m.
  • Achieved six-figure settlement for the claimant suffering with the aftermath of Cauda Equina.
  • Successfully challenged expert’s initial findings to the benefit of the claimant in Cauda Equina negligence claim.
  • Advised on complex acquired brain injury case, working closely with the Professional Deputy to ensure a successful rehabilitation programme was secured for the client.

Simpson Millar LLP

At Simpson Millar LLP, department head Ian Cohen has considerable experience of advising on cases involving life-changing injuries, while Helen Barry focuses on areas including obstetrics, gynaecology, neurology and spinal injury and is known for 'really fighting for her clients'Pamela Williams handles matters relating to plastic surgery and oncology, while Sean McCann has expertise when it comes to male urology, delay in diagnosis of male cancers as well as matters involving failure to prevent suicide.

Responsables de la pratique:

Ian Cohen

Autres avocats clés:

Helen Barry; Pamela Williams; Sean McCann

Les références

‘Helen Barry is very experienced and has handled a lot of high profile cases over the years. She really fights for her clients and cares for them.’

The Dental Law Partnership

The Dental Law Partnership is a specialist claimant dental negligence practice, where director Helen Coleman heads up the legal team. Founding partner David Corless-Smith draws on his experience a qualified dentist and is frequently advises on highly complex matters. Director Chris Dean is particularly responsible for claim assessment and has a keen interest in the safeguarding of the rights of dental patients.

Responsables de la pratique:

Helen Coleman; David Corless-Smith; Chris Dean

Autres avocats clés:

Heather Owen

Les références

‘Extremely professional and timely in their communication through all stages of the claim process and in their advice.’

Jonathan Owen is very understanding and open – he gave me confidence in all stages of those case.

An outstanding firm. They provide clear instructions, excellent files, and the individual solicitors are all easily accessible and are au fait with the specialist terminology used in the dental profession. They are certainly the people I would go to if I had a dentally related complaint.

Very organised and efficient. Extremely knowledgeable about their specialism and will always get the best for the client.

Very professional and yet compassionate. They show full understanding of the physical and emotional issues at hand and are very realistic and fair of potential outcomes.’

Principaux dossiers

  • Advised a client in a dental negligence claim against his treating dentist after receiving unsatisfactory bridge work resulting in the need for extensive corrective treatment. The claim settled for £77,000.
  • Assisted a client in a dental negligence claim against his dentist; the case was settled on a vicarious liability basis due to non-compliance of the treating dentist.
  • Assisted a client in bringing a claim against a prolific defendant in dental negligence claims who has multiple dental negligence claims against him.
  • Advised a client who underwent unnecessary cosmetic dental treatment in the form of dental veneer placement, which condemned her to a life time of replacement cycles of veneers. The claim was settled for £30,000.
  • Represented a client in £35,000 dental negligence case.

Thompsons Solicitors LLP

Thompsons Solicitors LLP is a leading law firm for for cases involving mesh implants, particularly vaginal mesh implants. The team also handles high value cerebral palsy and wrongful birth cases. Senior clinical negligence specialist lawyer Clare Jones joined from Horwich Farrelly in July 2018 and is adept at handling cases relating to delayed diagnosis of cancer and amputations. Senior solicitor Rosalyn Steeple deals with complex medical negligence claims.

Responsables de la pratique:

Linda Millband (Derby)

Autres avocats clés:

Clare Jones; Rosalyn Steeple

Principaux dossiers

  • Advised on high-profile cerebral palsy case which settled for £23m.
  • Instructed on behalf of the family of a young woman who committed suicide whilst under the psychiatric care of the defendant.

Your Legal Friend

At Your Legal Friend, director Laura Morgan leads the team with 'compassion and dedication'. The firm has a substantial Polish client base, who receive all correspondence in Polish language. Lydia Brindley is recognised for her 'fantastic depth of knowledge'. The group handles a varied caseload consisting of complex brain injuries, mismanaged Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, delay in diagnosis and mismanagement of cancer as well as ectopic pregnancy.

Responsables de la pratique:

Laura Morgan

Autres avocats clés:

Lydia Brindley; Carly Saxon; Mark Thomason

Les références

The team is small, but very well managed and client focused. They are willing to take on difficult cases and see them through. The have good technical knowledge and systems.

Carly Saxon is great with clients and shows judgement and skill far beyond her experience. A really safe pair of hands and clearly a star of the future.

All fee earners have a fantastic depth of knowledge and understanding of clinical negligence, including those who are relatively junior.’

Lydia Brindley has fantastic depth of knowledge, is very personable and able to deal with the most difficult of clients.’

‘Carly Saxon has the ability to get to the key issues and identify how the matter should progress.’

Sara Stanger is a star performer who grasps complex medical issues , especially clinical negligence quickly and with a capacity to explain to the lay client so that he/she understands. Their expectations are always well managed but she is not afraid to push the boundaries.